Summer 2014

This quarterly newsletter is sent to Procurement Services customers to provide announcements and updates regarding ongoing initiatives and procedures.

Savings Victors Program Launched

Procurement Services will soon launch the Savings Victors Program, a new way of connecting with employees who are helping U-M with its cost-containment efforts by using the university's Strategic Sourcing contracts.

U-M continues to save millions of dollars with its Strategic Sourcing Program because employees managing purchasing activities in colleges, schools, and units across the institution are actively engaged with the initiative.

"We developed the Savings Victors program against that backdrop as a way to acknowledge the support of these employees as well as connect with them so that we can learn from each other, share success stories, and collectively pursue ways to best use U-M's purchasing resources," said James Gorman, interim director of procurement services.

About 200 employees throughout the university were chosen--based on spending data--to be members of the Savings Victors community. Each employee who is chosen will receive a special Savings Victors Post-it pad as a small acknowledgement for their key role in the success of U-M's Strategic Sourcing Program.

"During the kickoff of the Savings Victors program, we really wanted to thank these employees for their ongoing support of the Strategic Sourcing program. As the program unfolds, we want to create a virtual community and promote ways we can work together to use the university's purchasing resources to help contain costs and support U-M's missions of teaching, research, and patient care," said Gorman. "I'm really looking forward to getting this program underway and interacting with the members of the Savings Victors community."

Concur Improvements

Procurement Services continues to work closely with Concur in an ongoing effort to enhance the travel and expense tool.  Our focus is on simplifying the user experience, thereby reducing the time and effort necessary to manage travel and expenses in Concur.

Several steps have been planned and are being executed as part of the latest effort:

  • Concur mobile app – The assessment has been done, and a pilot is being planned for this fall. This app will allow receipts to be captured with movile devices, which should reduce scanning, emailing or faxing of these documents.   The receipts captured through mobile device can easily be assigned to an expense lineand new reports and/or expense entries can be started on mobile devices while you are travelling.

  • We are reviewing current system configurations to identify opportunities to make functional and process improvements that should make the tool faster and easier to use.
  • We are working with Concur to pilot a new user interface in the next several months. The new user interface offers easier navigation, grouping of similar functions and tasks, as well as enhanced dashboard welcome and expense landing pages. 

Vendor Spotlight:


Procurement Services extended its agreement with Fisher Scientific, which provides a complete portfolio of lab equipment, chemicals, supplies and services used in scientific research, safety, healthcare and education.  

The University will save over $1 million annually on lab supplies and services through its agreement with Fisher Scientific. There aren't any freight charges on products ordered from Fisher Scientific and the new agreement eliminates hazardous shipping charges.

The steps taken to negotiate a new agreement began with analyzing the university's top research suppliers and soliciting feedback from a focus team comprised of members from U-M's research community.  In order to ensure the needs of the university's research departments are clearly understood and met--or exceeded-- Procurement Services added an experienced medical researcher to its staff as a subject matter expert.

Employee Spotlight:

Meet Lynda Lyall, who joined the department as our new procurement solutions manager in March of this year.  Prior to coming to Procurement Services, Lynda worked for the Office of Internal Controls, which is also part of Finance, and interacted extensively with units across the university to help them complete their annual certification process.  

In her new role, Lynda serves as a customer liaison for Procurement Services and works closely with units to understand their procurement needs and concerns by partnering with them to both gather feedback and develop solutions.  Lynda also manages the team that provides customer service to the university community on a variety of of efforts and initiatives.  

"One of my key objectives is to ensure that our customers receive timely responses to their questions with consistent and accurate information," Lynda said.

Lynda can be contacted at or at 734.763.0752.

ALERT: Fraudulent  PCard Transactions

The University is hit with hundreds of fraudulent PCard transactions every year.  As a cardholder, you should regularly monitor transactions to ensure your PCard has not been fraudulently used.  

If you find a transaction that you did not initiate, please contact JPMorgan immediately at the phone number on the back of your card: 1-800-270-7760.  If the transactions are determined to be fraudulent, your card should be cancelled immediately by the JPMorgan fraud team and a new card will be issued.  If necessary, you can request a rush delivery of the new card at no additional charge.

In order to reconcile fraudulent transactions, you will need to create an expense line for each debit and credit.  You should expect to see a credit to the old card, a debit to the new card, and-upon completion of the fraud investigation (which may take up to 90 days)-a credit to the new card.  When expensing these transactions, select the expense type of “Fraudulent PCard Transactions”.

For assistance please contact us at or 764-8212, option 3.

Did you know?

  • When traveling by car instead of air, mileage reimbursement is calculated based on actual miles driven and is limited to the cost of coach class airfare that would incur if you flew to your destination.  If you are claiming personal car mileage for a trip, you should provide a coach class airfare comparison with your expense report.
  • The panes can be moved around the My Concur page to better meet your viewing and organizational needs.  Just click the top bar of a pane and drag it to a new position on the page. 
  • Concur will be discontinuing support for Internet Explorer v. 7 next December.  Users of this browser may experience problems, but support will be unavailable as Concur will no longer address concerns related to this browser.

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