Fall 2016 Newsletter


Xerox is the University of Michigan's new supplier for multi-function devices, which offer several imaging functions, including copying, printing, faxing, and scanning.

There are approximately 2,000 such devices in use across the Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn campuses as well as the U-M Health System.

The contract with Xerox is expected to save the university more than $15 million over the six-year arrangement. The move to Xerox multi-function devices — also known as MFDs — won't occur all at once, but rather will be done in a phased, methodical approach, beginning in February. Read entire article.


Ru Knoedler is part of the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI) team and is the most recent recipient of the quarterly Savings Victors award from Procurement Services.

In her role, Ru is responsible for managing OHEI’s research administration and finance functions, as well as supporting infrastructure and contributing to strategy for its administration function.

Ru was nominated by Carolynn Blankenship, audit and compliance supervisor, and Shukri Osman, associate procurement agent, for her strong commitment to compliance, support of Procurement Services initiatives, and focus on following U-M policies for departmental transactions.

One example centers on an all-staff training session on OHEI policy, Concur basics and UMHS travel, hosting, and reconciliation guidelines that was organized by Ru. “While in the training session, she had the group download the Mobile app and then demonstrated how to use it in a fun and unique way by having them take pictures of each other to show how the receipt is stored in Concur,” Carolynn said.

Ru’s efforts had a great impact and she continues to receive very positive comments from staff in her department, such as “It saves so much time! I wish I would have used it sooner!” and “I don’t know how I got along without it!” Using the Mobile app to capture receipts has increased efficiencies for expense reporting and the approach she used was a very positive and collaborative experience for her department.  

“Ru is always looking for ways to make a difference, whether it’s collecting supporting documentation to help us work with Concur or introducing new processes to her office,” Carolynn concluded.

“She does a great job utilizing the procurement strategic agreements, which in turn reduce cost and effort for the OHEI staff,” Shukri said. “In addition, she understands the importance of the procurement process and communicates the standard process to her department.”         

As a recipient of the Saving Victors award, Ru received a commemorative paperweight and a $25 gift card to Meijer. “On behalf of the OHEI team, I am very grateful to receive the Savings Victors award and be recognized by the Procurement Services team members." said Ru. "Supporting their initiatives has enabled our department to become more efficient and our partnership with Procurement Services has been very effective."





Introducing Concur "Hands-On" Labs

If you’d like to have Procurement Services come to your unit to present some Concur basics and offer hands-on training for your real-life examples, please let us know.  We can help with profile set up, provide tips and tricks, and help you with your expense report questions.  If you are interested please contact our Procurement Solutions Team for more information at 734-764-8212, option 2, or at procurement.services@umich.edu.

Delta Flight Comparison—Concur vs Delta.com

The university has discounted Delta flights available for business travel when you book in Concur or with a Conlin Travel agent.  Procurement Services has published a comparison of flights and will update search results monthly.

In addition to these discounts, university travelers have access to Delta Edge Points. Under the university’s Delta contract, the university is provided an allotment of these points, which Conlin Travel is able to apply toward ticket changes such as:

  • Transferring unused tickets between travelers
  • Applying unused tickets to future flights at reduced fees

Under this contract, university travelers receive priority boarding on Delta, regardless of status.

Third-Level Detail for Credit Card Purchases

Many merchants, such as Amazon, now provide additional details related to credit card purchases, called third-level detail, to the credit card company.  If a merchant has provided third-level detail, it can be viewed by hovering over the MasterCard icon  associated with the PCard transaction in Concur

PCard holders, expense delegates, expense reviewers, and expense approvers may find this information useful during expense report creation and approval.  View an example of third-level detail

Concur System Updates

Periodically, Concur updates its software to improve your travel booking experience.  Updates implemented in October 2016 include:

  • New text to explain some refundable flights may have a penalty applied

  • Updated Amtrak refund rules based on fare classes

  • A new icon for Fly America and Quiet Car

  • A new filter for flight number/train number search

  • An improved display for flight number/train number

Read the complete details about the recent updates.


Meet Karin Jensen, manager of procurement business operations. Karin joined the university in March 2013 as an accounts payable senior auditor and was promoted a year later to her current position.  Prior to coming to U-M, Karin worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Borders Group. At PwC, she was responsible for auditing financial and employee benefit plans for local privately owned companies. Her main clients included manufacturing industries, retail, data/software companies, and sports entertainment.

In her current role, Karin is responsible for managing two key teams in Procurement Services: the Business Office and Audit and Compliance. The Business Office, which handles Procurement Services’ finances and reporting, provides vital data and analytics to the procurement buying staff to enhance contract negotiations and improve process assessments. The audit and compliance team manages the travel and expense operations for the university, including Concur and the PCard program.

“The best part of my job is that every day brings a new challenge or a new situation that we haven’t encountered before,” Karin said. “It definitely keeps things interesting and allows us to think outside the box to come up with a solution that works for all parties. Beyond that, I enjoy working with such a great team here in Procurement Services. They are a really knowledgeable and helpful group.”

Karin lives with her fiancé, Andy, and two cats, Bella and Oliver, in Canton. When not at work, she enjoys running, traveling, and planning for her April 2017 wedding! Karin can be reached at jensenka@umich.edu or (734) 764-6254.


 Image result for steelcase company logo

Steelcase has been the university’s strategic supplier of furniture since 2003. Founded in 1912, the company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, and is the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world.

The company produces office furniture, architectural, and technology products for office environments and the education, health care, and retail industries. Steelcase is continually recognized for its achievements in promoting sustainable business practices.   

Select Steelcase products are available for purchase directly through M-marketsite. Additional Steelcase products and services are available through U-M Interior Design Services.  Add link

As part of the contract, Steelcase offers certified furniture installers and deep discounts on setup. Shipping is also free for any orders place through M-marketsite.

More information on Steelcase and furniture purchasing guidelines.

Procurement Services partnered with the Roosevelt Institute—a student organization at U-M that focuses on public policy—to hold a Diversity and Small Business Supplier Fair last month at the Michigan League.

About 30 suppliers participated in the event, which was attended by over 100 members of the university community. The fair enabled attendees to interact with suppliers and learn more about their products and services.  

“We believe these outreach efforts are important for the community and university,” said Dominic Russell, a U-M student involved with the Roosevelt Institute. "It was great collaborating with Procurement Services to offer this event and a wonderful learning experience.”

Representatives from Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) were also at the event to consult with suppliers. PTAC provides support to small businesses in a number of ways, such as guiding them through the small business registration and certification process and providing training and technical assistance to gain access to, win, and execute government contracts.

Suppliers felt the fair was very beneficial, with nearly all indicating they would participate in similar events in the future. On that note, Procurement Services plans to continue partnering with the Roosevelt Institute to offer additional supplier fairs.

M-Pathways Procurement Enhancements

The 9.2 M-Pathways upgrade was completed in September. With the completion of the upgrade, you will notice the look and feel of M-Pathways has changed, particularly when creating ePro and M-marketsite transactions.

The term “Vendor” has also be changed to “Supplier” throughout the system. The updated eProcurement training materials can be found via the My LINC “eProcurement Resources” page.


Another feature of the 9.2 upgrade allows you to print a purchase order (PO). To print a PO, click “View Printable Version” from the Add/Update POs page.  The PO will open in a PDF with a watermark. View complete instructions with screenshots

For an official copy of the PO, contact procurement.services@umich.edu  and include the PO number and supplier name.


The University of Michigan recognizes that it has a responsibility to promote and influence sustainable behaviors and has directed many resources toward taking a stance on unnecessary consumption and a more sustainable, earth-friendly approach.  Procurement Services has a key role in helping the university reach its sustainability goals.

testIn 2011 the Campus Sustainability Integrated Assessment (CSIA) was completed. As a result of this research project, guiding principles and 2025 sustainability goals were set for each of three subcommittees: Culture, Waste, and Energy.

Within the goals, specific departments across campus were highlighted as strategic partners in moving forward toward being a green university. Specifically, Procurement Services has been acknowledged as a key player in providing more sustainable services, goods, and commodities to the university.

Procurement Services has developed a plan based on the report prepared by the Committee on the Culture of Sustainability for President Mark Schlissel. Most recently Procurement Services conducted a survey on sustainable purchasing and had nearly 2,000 respondents. The results are being analyzed to determine how to advance our sustainable purchasing program in everything from outreach efforts to supplier selection.

Moving forward, Procurement Services will promote a culture of sustainable purchasing and increase customer and supplier awareness of various opportunities to support the university’s commitment to sustainability.