Fall 2017 Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter is sent to Procurement Services customers to provide announcements and updates regarding ongoing initiatives and procedures.


Last month, Procurement Services launched another commodity—website and graphic design services—in the Quote to Order (QTO) system. Customers can now utilize QTO to obtain quotes from any of the 12 strategic suppliers for this commodity. The system allows customers to select what type of service they are looking for, from hosting to developing a brand new website, and specify their requirements within the system. 
The feedback received thus far has been very positive and customers are pleased with the system’s ease of use and design. "I use QTO for all of my printing and mailing projects. Having all shortcode-approved suppliers in one place makes requesting quotes, assigning jobs, and paying for orders efficient and hassle-free,” explained Emily Mathews, director of marketing and communications at the School of Kinesiology. “The training was very user-friendly, too."
In addition to job aids, users can access a training video in the system. Procurement Services is also available to conduct on-site training upon request. Please email qto.support@umich.edu to make the request or if you have any questions. “The QTO training I received was clear and made sense,” stated Glenn Bugala, marketing manager for the Center for Social Impact at Ross. “The QTO website was designed in a way to make the complex simple, and it follows the natural progression of quotes, confirmations, and POs."
Procurement Services would like to thank the focus team and suppliers for their participation and valuable input. Their feedback ensured the system included all the necessary components and was intuitive to users.  


Property Disposition will be holding a live vehicle auction Saturday, December 2, at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds at 10 a.m. See the auctioneer’s website for more information, including photos of the vehicles up for auction. The last auction, which took place in August, resulted in 70 vehicles, as well as miscellaneous equipment, being sold for nearly $500,000.

Concur and Travel News

PCard Updates and Reminders
JPMorgan Chase, the issuing bank for the university’s PCard, recently updated its credit card program, resulting in the following changes:
  • The expiration date on some of the newly issued chip cards was extended. Please be sure to use the expiration date printed on your PCard. When making travel arrangements in Concur, ensure PCard information in your Concur profile matches your current PCard.
  • When the PCard monthly cycle ends on a weekend, the monthly credit limit will now reset the morning of the following Tuesday. The monthly credit cycle for all PCard holders continues to run from the 15th of the month to the 14th of the following month (e.g., 10/15/17 – 11/14/17).
  • There is now a 1.5 percent fee for all international transactions. The fee went into effect on September 1, 2017. A separate fee will be assessed for each international transaction. Fees for international transactions should be expensed in Concur via the expense type "Bank Fees."
Did you know?
When traveling on federally sponsored funds, airfare is limited to coach class. Additionally, if you’re flying internationally on federally sponsored funds, US airline services should be used whenever available. If it's necessary to use a non-US airline, completion of the Fly America Act Exception Form is required. When booking in Concur, choose the appropriate exception reason.
Concur Mobile enhancements
Concur has recently introduced several enhancements and improvements to its mobile application. An update to allocations, a mileage calculator, and a redesigned screen are among the improvements.
Joe Kryza, senior director technical infrastructure at Heath Information Technology & Services (HITS), is the latest recipient of the quarterly Savings Victors award from Procurement Services. 
In his role, Joe works closely with his direct reports to ensure departmental specifications and requirements are thorough, complete, organized, and that Procurement Services is involved early in the process. This allows for the best opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership as well as provide maximum value.
“Joe has a global view of university requirements and commitments,” said Ted Eisenhut, IT commodity manager, who nominated him for the award. “He understands the dynamics of a business contract and the significance of our terms and conditions.”
Joe was instrumental in leading internal efforts to successfully integrate the university into a new strategic relationship with Cisco, thereby allowing for a potential three-year savings opportunity in excess of $1.6 million. In addition, he supports and recognizes the value that Procurement Services policies and procedures bring to the university. 
As a recipient of the Savings Victors award, Joe received a commemorative paperweight and a $25 gift card to Meijer. "I was very surprised and pleased to get the Savings Victor award. Our experience working with Procurement Services on large technologies acquisition efforts has always been extremely positive," said Joe. "I’ve always appreciated the partnership and expertise that they bring to the vendor negotiation. Thank you very much for the award and all you do."


Over 800 Xerox multi-function devices (MFDs) have been installed across U-M since installations began in March. Installations were paused, however, most of October in order to make necessary adjustments to the Xerox engagement and installation process.  The changes made, which include additional communications and further coordination with local IT support, will improve the overall experience for the university community as the transition from Konica to Xerox continues. Installations have resumed for Michigan Medicine locations and we expect the full deployment schedule to resume in December.
Another key change was updating the Xerox Services Portal. A “Training” tab has been added to the portal with links to self-guided training presentations for each of the Xerox MFD models and focused how-to documents for users of the Xerox MFDs. In addition to the Training tab, an “IT Solutions" tab has also been added for those that provide IT support to the Xerox MFD users. This tab will have links to technical bulletins, the latest Xerox drivers, and other useful information. If you have not logged into the Xerox Services Portal previously, you can self-register by filling in your name, user name, and umich.edu email address. 
Much of the information and documentation in the portal is also available on the Xerox Contract page.  These updates are based on customer feedback and we will continue to develop the portal content as we receive questions and comments from the U-M community about the Xerox MFDs.
For general questions about Xerox MFDs and the installation process, please email XeroxRequest@umich.edu.  
To schedule a Xerox assessment of your unit’s print needs, order a new device, or to replace an existing device, please call or email our Xerox client manager:
Linda Mexicotte
Senior Client Manager
Higher Education Practice, University of Michigan
North America Operations
Xerox Corporation
Phone: (248) 921-0205
Learn more about the university’s strategic contract with Xerox.


Galloup is the university’s strategic supplier for industrial pipe, valves, and fittings. Galloup also sells the Tylok® brand product line which includes tube fittings, valves, pressure gauges, and instrumentation tubing for laboratory and research applications.
In addition to the standard Tylok product line, the Tylok International company is a trusted provider of custom engineered product solutions to meet the unique challenges presented by scientific laboratories.
Products sold by Galloup, including Tylok products, are currently available through Galloup’s M-Marketsite catalog, where you can quickly search and order from a large selection of in stock items.
Galloup services the university from its warehouse located at 800 State Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, and offers free delivery (except on overnight/special deliveries) and local pickup.  


Meet Michael Counts, strategic sourcing manager, who started at the university in 2001 as a consultant and was hired into Procurement Services in June 2004.  
Prior to coming to the university, Michael served as the corporate director of materials management for the Henry Ford Health System for 8 years, then as a supply chain project manager for a consulting company in California.
Michael is responsible for leading many procurement initiatives, including all strategic sourcing events as well as spend analysis activities for customers on all three campuses. He also manages the Hybrid Contract Team within the Office of Contract Administration (OCA). The team negotiates and initiates hybrid contracts for research across the university.
"I truly enjoy the opportunities I have to work directly with the procurement teams as well as customers to solve unique and recurring challenges they experience," said Michael. “I find it gratifying helping customers get what they need, when they need it, at the price they need it.”
Michael received his undergraduate degree from Wayne State University, and a master’s from Central Michigan University. He resides in Sterling Heights with his wife of 40 years, has two grown sons and two daughters-in-law. Michael likes to spend much of his spare time with his two grandchildren but also enjoys gardening, reading, and fishing. Michael is looking forward to his retirement next July. He can be reached at mcounts@umich.edu or (734) 647-3789.


Incorporating sustainability as part of our culture is a major goal of the university. What is sustainability?  As defined by Planet Blue: “Sustainability encompasses solutions-driven scholarship and practice that seeks to safeguard our planet's life-support systems and enhance well-being for present and future generations.”
Procurement Services is an active partner in achieving campus sustainability goals. It is the interface with suppliers who can provide “green” products and services, and with departments, schools, and colleges that can take advantage of those products. Procurement Services encourages suppliers to offer sustainable products and services and makes every effort to negotiate pricing that will make these options as affordable as possible. 
As the current trend toward green purchasing grows, demand should help reduce price differences. Containing costs while working towards a more sustainable university is only one aspect of green purchasing.  Another area where Procurement Services promotes sustainable purchasing is by offering information to our customers: identifying suppliers that provide green offerings, what products and services qualify, and how those suppliers incorporate sustainable practices in their own cultures.  The ‘”Sustainable Purchasing” filter icon on the Find Products and Services page and the “Sustainable Purchasing” section within the supplier contract pages are examples of how we are working to make this information accessible. 
In addition, Procurement Services collaborates with other departments within the university to address the campus sustainability goals. The BBC Distributing contract for compostable dinnerware supports Zero Waste efforts, recycling programs for toner cartridges and office products support waste reduction, and the purchasing of energy star rated equipment aligns with the university’s energy use reduction goals. Procurement Services will continue to partner with departments and suppliers to help U-M develop a sustainable model for the future. 
Photo: Steve Worden and Selin Nurgun represented Procurement Services at Planet Blue's EarthFest 2017 event held in September on the Diag.


Need to work with a buyer for your ePro requisition?
  • If you know the buyer's name, enter his/her uniqname in the “Buyer” field on ePro Req line or on the Requisition Settings page. You can also access a list of buyers from the search icon.  
  • If you don't know which buyer to choose, leave the “Buyer” field blank and the Procurement Services triage team will route the requisition to the correct buyer.

Note: You should never enter “PROCUREMENT” as a buyer. This will cause a workflow step error and may slow down the process of a requisition turning into a Purchase Order.


The Fall Strategic Supplier Product and Service Show, which took place in September, opened to a robust crowd at Palmer Commons with nearly 200 attendees and 47 suppliers. 
The annual product shows continue to offer opportunities for supplier networking and enable Procurement Services to meet, greet, and educate customers about services and products available through U-M’s strategic contracts.
Stay tuned for information regarding the 2018 product shows that will be held in March, May, and September of next year.
 Photo: Procurement Services staff (from left to right) John Bogi, Robin Eckel, Anna Wood, and Pat Fischer, pose for a quick photo at the show.