Fall 2019 Newsletter


New to U-M business travel?
Procurement Services has a number of resources available to assist new and infrequent business travelers. Resources include information for planning your trip, policies to help while traveling, and reconciliation information. These resources can be found in the Information for New and Infrequent Travelers section of the Procurement Services website.
Contact JPMorgan Chase prior to a business trip  
Do you use a university issued PCard when traveling for university business?  If so, it is recommended that you contact JPMorgan Chase prior to your trip to check your available credit and to notify the bank of your travel destination. The JPMorgan Chase phone number is located on the back of your card.
Business Hosting Reminders
When planning and paying for university business hosting events, please remember the following limitations:
  • $25 per person for breakfast. This includes food, non-alcoholic beverage, tax, and tip
  • $25 per person for lunch. This includes food, non-alcoholic beverage, tax, and tip
  • $55 per person for dinner.  This includes food, non-alcoholic beverage, tax, and tip
  • $20 per person for alcoholic beverages. If you provide alcohol, this portion must be itemized to the hosting alcohol expense type and allocated as ICRX=Yes

Receipts for purchases of $75 or more and a list of attendees are required when you submit this expense through the travel and expense system.

For additional information related to business hosting, please refer to the Business Hosting Guidelines on the Procurement Services website.


Procurement Services would like to remind researchers and staff that the end of the calendar year is fast approaching. This time of year usually brings an intense surge of requisitions and contract requests ($10,000 and greater) that need to be processed and approved. 

Often times university policies require competitive bidding, contract negotiation, and/or additional documents. Therefore, the sooner ePro requisitions and contract requests are submitted, the greater success we'll have in meeting your year-end needs. 

If your department anticipates purchases requiring Procurement Services approval before the end of the calendar year, we encourage you to submit your requisitions as soon as possible.

Our goal is to provide a high level of service to meet your department's purchasing needs. By acting early, you will help ensure your year-end orders are placed and your needs are met.

If you have general purchasing questions, please contact the Procurement Solutions Team at (734) 764-8212, option 2, or procurement.services@umich.edu. Or you may contact a procurement agent by visiting the Procurement Services contacts page. Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to working with you!



On September 2, 2019, Property Disposition took possession of a second warehouse in an effort to improve surplus property disposals. The additional warehouse space, located near Wolverine Tower at 745 State Circle, is being leased for the next two years due to a collaboration with the Medical School.  

“This is an amazing opportunity to mitigate the space constraints at our Baxter Road location allowing us to quickly address the backlog of Medical School disposals and adjust to their growing disposal needs in the future,” said Chuck Sulikowski, general operations manager overseeing Property Disposition.  

As part of the improvement initiative Property Disposition recently sunsetted its cage rental service to retool the space to support more disposition efforts in the future. “Ending our cage service was a challenge for us and our customers, but our hope is to make improvements to that space, as well as our processes and technology, so in two years we can manage a higher capacity of disposals,” said Hillary Schriber, Property Disposition’s warehouse manager. 

The State Circle warehouse will be utilized to store and process equipment as it is sold on bid. The location will not be used for retail sales, however, customers will be permitted to visit the location to view items on bid and pick them up if they are awarded the winning bid.


The Fall Strategic Supplier Product and Service Show, which took place on September 17, 2019, at Palmer Commons, had nearly 200 attendees and over 60 suppliers. Diverse commodity groups were represented with suppliers offering office supplies, temporary personnel services, printing, promotional items, facilities services, and lab supplies.

The annual product shows continue to offer opportunities for supplier networking, as well as enabling Procurement Services staff to meet, greet, and educate customers about services and products available through U-M’s strategic contracts. A big thank you goes out to the suppliers, attendees, and Procurement Services staff--your participation and efforts continue to contribute to the shows' success!

The 2020 Strategic Supplier Product and Service Shows have been scheduled for March, April, May, and September. Stay tuned for more information!


Meet Agustin Guzman, manager of the Office of Property Control in Procurement Services, who has been with the university for almost two years. Prior to coming to U-M, Agustin was a manager of data analytics at Ideal Setech. While there, one of the many functions his team was responsible for was building and managing a web-based data warehouse for all of General Motors North America's plant equipment, which consisted of over 1.4M lines of data.

In his current role, Agustin and his four-person team track and tag all equipment and assets valued at $5,000 or more, as well as all sponsor-titled equipment, regardless of value. University equipment is inventoried every two years and sponsor-titled equipment is inventoried annually. 

In addition, the Property Control team helps facilitate faculty transfers between universities when capital equipment is involved. Being so heavily involved in the capital equipment process allows the team the opportunity to work closely with numerous departments including Financial Operations, Property Disposition, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP), Office of Space Analysis, as well as many U-M colleges, school, and other units.

“Currently, my team and I are working on a very large overhaul of numerous capital equipment processes and selecting the tools we will need to improve our process flow, as well as IT advancements,” said Agustin. “Although we have a great deal on our plate, our team promotes an atmosphere of lightheartedness. Listening to the team members interact and laugh with each other is my favorite part of being in the office.”

Agustin obtained his BA degree in finance from Michigan State University after transferring from UM-Dearborn. In his free time, he likes to play a variety of instruments--drums, guitar, keyboard, and trumpet--and sometimes sings to his steering wheel (it usually “boos”). 

Snowboarding, kayaking, playing paintball, and traveling to new places are a few more of his favorite pastimes. “The week before starting at U-M, I spontaneously bought a plane ticket on Saturday morning and eight hours later was on a plane to visit Dubai,” explained Agustin. “I spent a week there and it was a once in a lifetime experience!”

Agustin can be reached at guzmana@umich.edu or (734) 647-541. Feel free to pop by his office located on the seventh floor of Wolverine Tower and say hi! 


Property Disposition will be holding a live vehicle auction Saturday, December 7, at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds at 10 a.m. See the auctioneer’s website for more information, including photos of the vehicles up for auction.

The last auction, which took place in August, resulted in 48 vehicles--including four buses--being sold for nearly $500,000. 

To see a few photos of what happens behind the scenes to prepare for the vehicle auctions, check out the Auctioning Vehicles that Make Blue Go article featured on the Business & Finance website!



On October 21, the Kensington Hotel Ann Arbor and Weber’s Inn became strategic suppliers for U-M. This means that—in addition to receiving special U-M pricing—you’ll be able to use your department’s short code to pay for all university-related business with these hotels, including accommodations, special events, and catering. Beyond that, department representatives can now work directly with the hotels to obtain pricing and sign event confirmations.

More information on the Kensington Hotel Ann Arbor contract.

More information on the Weber’s Inn contract.


Departments can now work directly with Republic Parking System to obtain parking meter bag covers for special events. This adjustment was made after a review by Procurement Services and Audit Services that concluded that signature authority for parking meter bag covers could move from Procurement Services to the departmental level. A supervisor or manager must sign the request and separation of duties must be maintained.

More information on obtaining parking meter bag covers.



In anticipation of the holiday season, Procurement Services would like to remind faculty and staff on the policy around accepting gifts from suppliers. Per SPG 507.01 Procurement General Policies and Procedures, university employees should neither solicit nor accept money, loans, credits, entertainment, favors, services or gifts from current or prospective suppliers. Such gratuities, even if of seemingly low value, can give rise to a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest. In particular, university employees should never accept gratuities from a current or prospective supplier that has submitted or may submit a bid for a university contract for which a bid solicitation is being contemplated, developed or is actively accepting bids. 



Did you know non-tag numbers begin with a “7” or “8” and are used for equipment that cannot accommodate a physical tag?

This is typically due to the item being radioactive, too small for a tag, or in inaccessible locations (underwater, outer space, etc.).

If there are 7 or 8 series tags on your Biennial Inventory Reports, check the model and serial number of your equipment. The serial number is used as the physical identifier when using non-tag numbers.

You may also identify if your department has non-tag equipment at any time by running the Business Objects Inventory Query.

If you'd like to receive a monthly "Did You Know" email from Property Control similar to the one pictured, you can join the Property Information group in MCommunity.