PCard program - new chip cards are coming

We are pleased to announce that J.P. Morgan Chase will be issuing chip cards to replace current PCards. During the month of August, J.P. Morgan Chase will take steps to convert all cardholders to chip cards with the estimated mailing date of August 17, 2017.  Once mailed, cardholders should receive their new card within two weeks.

The new card will contain a small, embedded microchip, which will help improve the security and acceptance of the PCard in the U.S. and around the world. The chip card will allow cardholders to make purchases at merchants with chip-enabled terminals, as well as merchants with traditional terminals. Depending on how the merchant is set up, the cardholder will be prompted to either sign a receipt or to enter a four-digit PIN to complete the transaction.

Once the new chip card is received:

  • Please read the materials enclosed with the new PCard for information about card benefits and usage.

  • Call the number on the activation label right away to activate the card and set the PIN. The cardholder’s current magnetic stripe card will deactivate immediately after activating the new card.If the new card is not activated, the current PCard will be deactivated after 30 days.

  • During the activation process, the cardholder will be prompted for security information. The automated system will ask for the 16-digit card number and the CVV (three digit code) on the back of the card to activate. In addition, the cardholder will need to enter an Access Code (the last four digits of their Emplid) to create the PIN.

  • Once the cardholder has activated the new PCard, the current PCard should be destroyed.

  • Cardholders should keep in mind that entering the PIN at the point-of-sale has the same effect as signing a receipt and indicates the cardholder’s authorization of the transaction.