Spring 2022 Newsletter


In collaboration with a campus pilot group, Procurement Services has developed a new unit dashboard. The campus partners include LSA, Dentistry, OUD, Taubman and LSI. Over the past several months Procurement Services has collaborated with our pilot partners to gather requirements and develop data visualizations using several data sources, some of which are procurement specific business systems. The result is a dashboard focused on providing procurement-related data to help guide decision making in the units.   

The dashboard provides information related to a unit's sourcing events, contracts, and transaction information by buying method. There are also unique features, such as the ability to benchmark spend data against your respective Budget Administrator Group (BAG) units. The sourcing and contract data will provide units insight into their RFP, RFQ, and contract type activities with Procurement Services. 

The dashboard initiative is the result of survey feedback received from our campus partners last fall. This type of dashboard will help increase the transparency of procurement transactions and assist departmental leaders in decision making. We are excited to work with units on this type of initiative and look forward to continually improving the information it includes.

We plan to expand the use of the dashboard in the coming months. For additional questions about the dashboard please contact procurementpartnershipprogram@umich.edu


Hosted meals are those taken with guests, colleagues, or donors during which focused business discussions take place. All hosted meals must have a valid business purpose. 

With many departments across the university having implemented hybrid and work-from-home schedules, more meetings are being held virtually. Meals sent to the homes of employees for virtual meetings or events are not considered business hosting. Meals or gift cards provided to employees working remotely are subject to the university's policy on  "Awards, Gifts, and Prizes" (SPG 501.12). In Concur, these expenses should be reconciled using the “Prizes, Gifts and Awards Employees” expense type. 

However, recruiting or student events that would have been held in-person but are held remotely due to extenuating circumstances are considered valid business expenses and thus non-taxable when the actual cost of the meal is covered. Providing gift cards to attendees for these events is subject to the same considerations under the university's policy on "Awards, Gifts, and Prizes" (SPG 501.12). 

For more information about business hosting policies and guidelines, please visit the Procurement Services website. Questions about individual situations can be directed to Shared Services by filling out the Travel & Expense General Inquiry Form.


As noted in the Winter 2022 Newsletter, ITS is upgrading the eProcurement module in the M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources System on May 16, 2022. ITS is offering post-launch support hours via Zoom to answer any questions you may have about the changes or get extra support. Visit the eProcurement Modernization Project website for more information, including the days and times the sessions are being offered and Zoom links. The website also gives an overview of the changes and enhancements for end users. 


Last summer, U-M completed a baseline inventory of capital equipment. In order to keep these records accurate, and increase the ease of performing inventories, Property Control is now in the final planning stage of retagging these assets with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. 

To present a high-level overview of the process, department interchanges will be held in mid-June and HCA Asset Management will be returning to campus in mid-July to begin retagging equipment. For the duration of the retagging effort, Property Control will be posting a schedule, as well as updates and relevant information to our Property Management website. For any questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out to Property.Info@umich.edu.


The end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2022) is fast approaching, bringing an intense surge of requisitions and contract requests ($10,000 and greater) that need to be processed and approved. 

Oftentimes, university policies require competitive bidding, contract negotiation, and/or additional documents. The sooner ePro requisitions and contract requests are submitted, the greater success we'll have in meeting your fiscal year-end needs. 

If your department anticipates purchases requiring Procurement Services approval before the end of the fiscal year, we encourage you to submit your requisitions as soon as possible.

Our goal is to provide a high level of service to meet your department's purchasing needs. By acting early, you will help ensure your year-end orders are placed and your needs are met.

If you have general purchasing questions, please contact the SSC Finance Customer Care Team at (734) 764-8212, option 2, or procurement.services@umich.edu. Or you may contact a procurement agent by visiting the Procurement Services contacts page. Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to working with you!

DID YOU KNOW? U-M PCards include sales tax exemption number

As a government entity, the University of Michigan is not subject to Michigan sales tax. Other select states also grant an exemption from sales tax on purchases made by U-M. A list of these states can be found on the Tax Compliance and Planning website.

The U-M sales tax exemption number is embossed on every PCard to ease the process of notifying merchants of the university's tax-exempt status. Employees making purchases on behalf of the university using their UM-issued PCard should make every effort to avoid payment of sales tax whenever possible. In the event paying sales tax is unavoidable, it is allowable to submit the tax as part of the business expense

U-M’s designated travel agency makes every attempt to ensure that taxes are exempted when possible at the time of booking business travel.


Procurement Services has several projects currently underway and will be sharing many updates in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information on the following: 

  • New functionality and enhancements to Dispo Direct, Property Disposition’s eCommerce website
  • Procurement Services website redesign
  • Concur interface upgrade
  • Team Dynamix expansion
  • Small Business Subcontracting Plan (SBP) program modifications


Procurement Services is excited to introduce our newest team members!

Josh Wright, procurement agent associate, joined the General Goods & Services Team in March. Josh has had a varied procurement career, including time working in China in the textile industry. Josh has a bachelor's in business administration and an MBA in supply chain management from Eastern Michigan University.

Brad Henion, procurement agent intermediate, joined the Technology Team in April. Brad started at the university in 2015 as an Auditor Associate with the Concur Team in Procurement Services, and most recently held the position of eCommerce Coordinator Senior with Property Disposition. Brad holds a bachelor's degree from Baker College and is a United States Marine Corps veteran.

Megan Truong, procurement agent associate, joined the Research Team in January. Megan comes to us from Boeing where she worked as a Procurement Agent in support of the Chinook Helicopter Program. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2020 majoring in supply chain management.

Tracy Cui, procurement agent associate, joined the Print & Professional Services Team in April. Tracy comes to us from Eastern Michigan University where she worked as a Graduate Assistant, previously working in Business Operations and Marketing at a local company, Leapers. Tracy is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a BA in fine arts and recently completed her MBA in supply chain.

Procurement Services also welcomed Ashley Ouendag, strategic sourcing manager, in March. Ashely comes to us with great experience in strategic sourcing, process improvement, and project management through her time at Toyota, and most recently, Apple. She held various supply chain roles supporting global product launches and supplier engagement initiatives. She was a communications chair for a leadership series, as well as actively participating in workgroups supporting women in the workplace. Ashley holds a degree in supply chain and international business from Bowling Green State University.


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If you haven’t heard of Slack, we encourage you to check it out! Creating an account is easy and we hope to see you on Slack soon!