Updates to the PCard program

In March, JPMorgan Chase, the bank which issues U-M’s PCards, is making a processing change. There will be minimal impact to PCard holders as a result of this change, but we do want to provide the following updates:

Issuance of replacement PCards in August

  • As a result of the JP Morgan Chase change, you’ll be receiving a new PCard. JPMorgan Chase will begin issuing new PCards in August 2017. We’ll send you an email several days before your PCard is mailed so you’ll know when it’s going to arrive. Replacement PCards will be issued as chip cards with an additional year added to the existing expiration date.

Replacement of expired PCards prior to August

  • Existing PCards expiring in March 2017 will be reissued as regular magnetic strip cards (not chip cards). These PCards will be replaced in August as part of the overall PCard replacement effort.
  • Beginning in April 2017, expiring PCards will be reissued as chip cards. Recipients of PCards with a chip will not receive new PCards in August.

Other important notes

  • Please activate your new PCard as soon as you receive it.
  • Once you’ve activated your new PCard, please update your Concur profile with the new expiration date.
  • Your account number will remain the same as the existing account number, but the CVV will change.

Account updates for existing cardholders

  • If you need to change your limit during March, please submit your PCard Limit Change Form as soon as possible.
  • If you need to change your account profile in March (closing or suspending a PCard, change of address, etc.), please submit your PCard Maintenance Form as soon as possible.
  • Cardholders can still receive information regarding account status and balances by contacting JPMorgan Chase at the phone number on the back of the PCard.

Application Process

  • The online application for PCards will be unavailable beginning February 27, 2017 through early April.
  • Beginning February 27, 2017, Procurement Services will accept paper applications until the new online application is available in early April.
  • Between March 13, 2017 and March 20, 2017, there will be a hold on processing paper applications. Applications received during this period will be processed beginning March 21, 2017.

There is no impact on any other PCard-related services, but please contact our team at (734) 764-8212, option 2 or travelexpense@umich.edu if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration as JPMorgan Chase makes this processing change.