Winter 2019 Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter is sent to Procurement Services customers to provide announcements and updates regarding ongoing initiatives and procedures.

Savings Victors Award

Procurement Services is excited to announce the most recent Savings Victors award winner, Richard Ake, a data center technical support analyst lead at Information and Technology Services (ITS).  

In his current role, Richard is committed to protecting the university’s sensitive data. Knowing the challenges U-M departments face working with outside data destruction vendors, he encouraged Property Disposition to offer data sanitization and data destruction services on campus.

As a result of Richard’s suggestion, Property Disposition began offering data destruction and sanitization services last fall. “We value Richard’s willingness to help Property Disposition innovate,” said Dante Vasquez, technology warehouse supervisor, who nominated him for the award. “As an early adopter, Richard is candid and generous with his feedback, which helps us offer improved services to the university community.”

By switching from an outside vendor to Property Disposition, Richard has achieved significant savings for ITS by reducing data destruction costs by approximately 83 percent. Its most recent disposition transaction saved approximately $10,000 alone. By demonstrating significant cost savings, Richard and ITS have inspired other U-M departments to use the new data sanitization and data destruction services offered by Property Disposition.
As a recipient of the Savings Victors award, Richard received a commemorative paperweight and a $25 gift card to Meijer. "The cost of data destruction with an outside vendor can be up to $6 per hard drive. When Property Disposition began offering the same service, it was a no-brainer for us to switch,” explained Richard. “Not only is it done in a secure location, but it’s a savings of $5 per hard drive. I was very surprised to win the Savings Victors award and it’s been a great experience partnering with Property Disposition on this initiative!"
Photo: Standing in front of the hard drive shredder, Steve Sinelli, warehouse supervisor, (left) presents Richard with his award.

Concur and Travel News

Airport security slowing you down?
U-M employees are eligible to purchase CLEAR at a discounted price of $79 (charged annually) as a benefit of the university’s partnership with Delta. Read more about CLEAR, including how to enroll for the discounted rate, in the Additional Information section of the Delta contract page on the Procurement Services website.
Instead of using traditional identification documents, CLEAR uses biometrics--your eyes and fingertips--to confirm it’s really you. When CLEAR members arrive at participating airports, they are able to use a dedicated lane to verify their identity and go to the front of the TSA screening line.
Please note that, while this is an available benefit to you through the university’s partnership with Delta, it is not a university business expense. The purchase of CLEAR cannot be paid with a PCard or reimbursed as a university business expense.
New airline contract with American Airlines
On January 7, 2019, the university entered into a partnership agreement with American Airlines. This partnership brings discounts along with a number of benefits to university business travelers when booking travel within the university travel program. Highlights include:
  • At least a 2 percent discount on airfare
  • Priority boarding
  • Preferred seating--U-M business travelers can book seats otherwise reserved for American Airlines frequent travelers
  • Flex Funds--an allotment of funds are available to the university’s dedicated travel agency to use for U-M ticket changes at reduced rates
  • Name change program--allows the university’s dedicated travel agency to transfer airline tickets from one person to another when the flight was booked under the U-M travel program
U-M Travel & Expense Training
The Audit & Compliance Team has developed two new training programs for the university community. Training sessions will be held in public venues or on-site upon request.
  • Travel & Expense 101
The first program, U-M Travel & Expense Program T&E 101, is a course designed for new employees or current employees new to the U-M Travel and Expense Program. This training explains the program history, system tips, and includes system demonstrations such as profile set up, expense report creation, booking travel, downloading Concur Mobile, etc. It also includes discussions on business processes and university policy.
At this time, Procurement Services is offering this training upon request. Contact us at or (734) 764-8212, option 2, to schedule your training session.
  • Travel & Expense Refresher
The second program, U-M Travel & Expense Program Refresher Training, will be offered periodically at public venues. Presentation content includes benefits of using our corporate partnerships, T&E system tips, PCard information and details of real cases identified in the audit process.
This training will take place at the following locations in February and March:
  • BSRB - Seminar Rooms ABC, February 26 at 9 a.m.
  • Ross School of Business - Room B1570, February 26 at 1 p.m.
  • Palmer Commons - Forum Hall, February 27 at 1 p.m.
  • NCRC - Research Auditorium, March 4 at 9 a.m.
  • Pierpont Commons - East Room, March 6 at 10:00 a.m.
  • UM-Flint Campus - Park Place in the Northbank Center Bldg (NBC), March 6 at 2 p.m.
  • Ford School of Public Policy - Room 1110, March 7 at 1 p.m.  
Reminder--Memberships are not an allowable business expense
University policy prohibits the purchase of, or reimbursement for, memberships to clubs, grocery stores, online shopping, as well as other memberships of this nature. These are considered a personal membership and are not an allowable business expense. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Airline clubs
  • Amazon Prime
  • Health clubs
  • Instacart
  • Shipt
  • Snacknation
  • Warehouse stores (Costco, Sam's Club, etc.)
Note:  This does not include career/professional memberships or subscriptions.

Vehicle auction taking place February 23

Property Disposition will be holding a live vehicle auction Saturday, February 23, at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds at 10 a.m. See the auctioneer’s website for more information, including photos of the vehicles up for auction.

The last auction, which took place in December, resulted in 36 vehicles, a John Deere Gator, a Toro sprayer, scrubbers, pallet jacks, and other large equipment, being sold for nearly $400,000!  

Helpful Tip - Category Codes

Category codes are five-character codes (e.g., GENOS) that correspond to frequently used procurement account values. The codes are used in M-Pathways eProcurement requisitions (ePro reqs) to populate the account value in the Chartfield combination for reporting purposes.

If you are unsure of which category code to select, a Business Objects report, which lists all category codes, their definitions, and their associated account value(s), is available to help you determine the appropriate code. The report can be found in Public Folders > UM Maintained > Financials > FN06 Procurement Active Category Listing.

Did you know? - Moving capital equipment

Did you know if you are moving capital equipment within your department, you will need to update the location information and custodian field in Asset Management? See instructions on the Property Control website, under 'forms'.  

Property Control can also update Asset Management with the new location. Simply send an email to

If you’d like to receive a monthly “Did You Know” email from Property Control similar to the one pictured, you can join the Property Information group in MCommunity.


Supplier Spotlight - JEM Tech Group

JEM Tech Group, a woman-owned small business, has recently renewed its strategic supplier agreement with the university. For the past 12 years, JEM has been able to offer discounts and value-added services that benefit the university community.

Jami M. Moore, president of JEM Tech Group, explained the relationship with Procurement Services has helped JEM develop closer ties to the university. “Each renewal has been a positive experience which plays a key role in our success within the university. Not only have our sales grown, our relationships within the university have grown as well. We are thankful for the opportunity in supporting the university with their IT needs.”

The products and services JEM Tech Group offers help the university achieve full optimization of their mission-critical IT infrastructure covering data centers, telecommunication closets, remote sites, and command and control centers. JEM also offers IT peripherals and other technology-related accessories. The agreement brings campus units and Michigan Medicine under the same supplier umbrella, allowing for opportunities to both standardize equipment and reduce costs.

"The collaboration demonstrated by the various IT groups across the university was a key factor in both developing and finalizing this agreement. The University of Michigan has a diverse and complex set of IT needs, so the input and feedback from our IT partners was invaluable to this entire process and will serve as a model for future efforts,” Ted Eisenhut, procurement manager, said.  

Please contact Ted Eisenhut at or (734) 615-9240 if you have additional questions.

More information on JEM Tech Group.

Employee Spotlight - Chim Lim

Meet Chim Lim, a senior procurement agent, who joined the University of Michigan last August. She is part of the Technology Procurement Team, which is responsible for the university-wide procurement of hardware, software, and IT-related professional services.

Prior to joining U-M, Chim worked at Ford Motor Company, where she was a project manager and a core commodity buyer. “The best and most interesting parts of my job were my collaboration with the customers and experts in diverse technical and scientific areas,” explained Chim. “I enjoyed the interaction and the willingness to solve problems, which was always encouraging and a major factor in the successful outcomes of the projects.”    

Chim has been working on request for proposals and sourcing software, program licensing and consulting services for Michigan Medicine, the University Library, Ross School of Business, and several other university departments. She is also the team lead for phase 3 of the Quote to Order project, which involves adding IT temp staffing to the portal.

“I am a product of diverse institutions of the Michigan educational system, I feel fortunate to have now become part of U-M. I am looking forward to working on a wide range of projects with a variety of professionals, with the common goal of achieving the best results for the U-M community,” said Chim.

Chim earned her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and her master’s degree in Project Management from Eastern Michigan University. She is an avid reader and a frequent swimmer, who also practices yoga to stay fit.   

She can be reached at (734) 764-6680 or at