ePRO Requisition

The eProcurement requisition (ePro req) is used to purchase goods and services not available through Internal Service Providers or Strategic Contracts, and as a release against an M-Pathways contract. The ePro req is the only transaction that you complete in M-Pathways to order goods and services. There are three types of ePro reqs.

  • Special Request eProcurement requisition – Use for purchases from external suppliers that do not have negotiated pricing with the university or as a release against an M-Pathways contract. Transactions $10,000 or greater, or those that require special handling, are routed to Procurement Services for processing and approval. Departments enter the ePro req, which automatically generates a purchase order if under $10,000 and no approvals required. If the ePro req is $10,000 or greater it is routed to the Procurement Services agent specified on the ePro req or to Triage if no Procurement Services agent is selected.
  • M-marketsite eProcurement requisition – M-marketsite is integrated with the M-Pathways ePro requisition. Use the university’s online catalog ordering system to place orders from suppliers that have negotiated pricing with the university. These orders are completed as ePro reqs and are routed to Procurement Services for processing and approval when certain conditions are met (e.g., dollar amount or chartfields used).
  • PeoplePay eProcurement requisition – Used to pay individuals for non-appointment-related services. The individual must be set up in the M-Pathways supplier database as a PeoplePay supplier.
Working with your Procurement team to complete transactions $10,000 or greater:

The U-M Regents require that all transactions of $10,000 or more be reviewed by Procurement Services to complete the competitive bid process. If you need to purchase goods or services that total $10,000 or more, one method to begin the process is to create an ePro requisition by following the steps below. For more information regarding the competitive bid process see SPG 507.01, Section XI Competitive Bid Process.

  1. Create a special request ePro req in M-Pathways through Wolverine Access > Faculty & Staff > M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources System (new users will need to request access to the M-Pathways system and view step-by-step job aids and simulations via My LINC).  You can select a specific procurement agent on the ePro req or leave the procurement agent field blank and the Procurement Triage team will route the requisition to the appropriate procurement agent for review.
  2. Send hard copies or electronic copies of any attachments or supporting documents to Procurement Services or the specified Procurement Services agent. Attaching documents to the ePro req is preferred.
  3. The procurement agent prepares a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Quotation (RFQ), based on the information provided in the supporting documents you provide. If you have submitted a Sole Source Justification Form, the Procurement Services agent will review the justification and either approve the sole source or determine that the transaction must be competitively bid.
  4. If the determination has been made to bid, the Procurement Services agent sends the RFI/RFP/RFQ to at least three suppliers. The suppliers must submit their bids before the established deadline in order to be considered for the purchase award.
  5. The Procurement Services agent analyzes the quotations submitted by the suppliers, prepares a cost analysis breakdown, if applicable, and obtains final departmental approval, if necessary.
  6. The Procurement Services agent enters the appropriate supplier on the ePro req and approves the requisition; the purchase order is then automatically built and dispatched to the supplier.