Small Business

This is a strategic contract with a woman-owned, Ann Arbor small business for restaurant and banquet services for University hosting events. Aventura is located at 216 E. Washington Street. See the Aventura menus

Along with the main dining room, Aventura offers three unique private dining rooms to accommodate your group. 

Ordering Information

Make Online reservations here.  Please note:  If reserving a table for more than 6 guests, please call 734-369-3153 so that we can properly accommodate you. Thank you!


Private Dining Event at Aventura.   


For Dining and Banquet information, call Aventura at 734-369-3153


Please supply Aventura the following information :

  • Shortcode to bill or Purchase Order.
  • Department name with contact’s University email and phone.

Specific event requirments.

Additional Information

Aventura is an eSettlements supplier.  Invoices will appear on your SOA as a non-PO voucher listing Tavolina as the supplier. 

Supplier Contact

Brigid Mooney 

Phone: 734-882-8387

Email: brigid@savasannarbor.com



Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:

            Name: Jeff Rabbitt     

            Phone: 734-764-9232

            E-mail: rabbitt@umich.edu


Contract Administrator - Secondary:

            Name:  Ian Pepper    

            Phone: 734-647-4981      

            E-mail: ipepper@umich.edu