Sustainable Purchasing

This is a strategic contract for audio/visual design, equipment installation and maintenance. This contract includes items such as projectors and Smartboards among other items.

Purchasing Guidelines

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the audio visual ordering procedure before making a purchase.

Note: When the structure of a building is changed, modified or when a utility must be physically moved or modified, the end user must first contact Plant Operations or AEC for review and approval.

Ordering Information

Orders can be placed via shortcode by calling (248) 669-4286, faxing at (248) 669-4541 or emailing Jeff Ferrington at jeff.ferrington@avispl.com or Dianne Blakeney at dianne.blakeney@avispl.com.

PCards not accepted

Additional Information

Line item billing provided through the monthly statement of activity.

Shipping & Handling

Free standard shipping

Supplier Contact

For ordering and product information contact:
Jeff Ferrington
Sales Engineer
(248) 214-6846 cell
(248) 669-4541 fax

Dianne Blakeney
Sales Assistant
(248) 669-4286 ext 15337
(248) 669-4541 fax

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
Name: Anna Wood
Phone: (734) 647-6026
E-mail: annaw@umich.edu

Contract Administrator - Secondary
Name: John Bogi
Phone: (734) 615-3467
E-mail: johnbogi@umich.edu

Procurement Agent:
Name: Dave Gerstler
Phone: (734) 764-7473
E-mail: furndoc@umich.edu