Build/Create Studios

Small Business

We are a web design, development, and marketing studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 2010, we have specialized in delivering custom designed and developed web solutions that are tailor-made for each client’s unique needs and business model. Our sites are designed with purpose. We build them to solve problems and meet goals, which we accomplish through user-driven design and powerful marketing tools. We don’t just put more traffic on your site—we make the most of the traffic you have.

You can learn more about us at: 

Our services Include:
•    Website Design
•    WordPress Custom Theme Development
•    Ecommerce
•    Managed Hosting
•    Usability & UI/UX
•    Content Strategy
•    Persona Development
•    Competitive Landscape Analysis
•    Brand Strategy 
•    Identity Design
•    Graphic Design
•    SEO & PPC
•    Inbound Marketing
•    Social Media
•    Video Marketing/Production 

Supplier Contact

Primary Account Manager:
Name: Eric Lynch
Phone: 734-531-8023 

Project Manager:
Name: Alex Beaudin
Phone: 734-531-8023

Marketing Manager:
Name: Ashley Minaudo
Phone: 734-531-8023

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
Name: Robin Eckel    
Phone: (734) 763-9887

Procurement Agent:
Name: Deanna Trinkle     
Phone:    (734) 647-5752