Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

This is a contract with Cell Signaling Technology for off-the-shelf antibodies.

Ordering Information

Place orders via Marketsite

Special orders for products that are unable to be placed through M-Marketsite will require ePro requisitions generated in M-Pathways.  To place a special order in M-Pathways:

  1. Input order information into an ePro requisition.
  2. Attach the supplier provided quote (if applicable).
  3. Leave the supplier ID field blank.
  4. Assign the ePro requisition to the appropriate Research Procurement Agent.

Shipping & Handling

Flat rate of $10.00

Supplier Contact

Kelly Gannon
Account Manager, Academics
Email: kgannon@cellsignal.com
Cell: 978-778-6928

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
Name: David Gilbert
Phone: 734-615-9304
E-mail: dgilb@umich.edu 

Procurement Agent:
Name: Kelly Pavlica
Phone: 734-615-8767
E-mail:    kelpav@umich.edu