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This is a strategic contract for Charter bus services. Golden Limousine offers 56-passenger Motor Coaches for local and long-distance trips, and 10/15/24/28/37 passenger options for group airport transportation, and shuttle services.  Golden Limousine provides excellent products, pricing and services; and meets all University insurance requirements.  Golden Limousine is a local, Michigan company located in Milan.   


Website:  Golden Limousine

Ordering Information

University departments must provide a shortcode or purchase order for payment.  No prepayment or deposits are required. 


Golden Limousine Supplier ID:  0000642881

M-Pathways Contract:  5500019033


Contact Golden Limousine to get University pricing and make a reservation by calling 734-668-8282, or click here

Order via shortcode
P-Cards not accepted

Additional Information

Golden Limousine International is an eSettlements supplier.  Invoices billing University shortcodes will appear on your SOA as a non-PO voucher.  

Supplier Contact

Golden Limousine

Phone: 734-668-8282  



Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
Name: Jeff Rabbitt    
Phone: 734-764-9232

Contract Administrator - Secondary:
Name:  Ian Pepper     
Phone:    734-647-4981         

Procurement Agent:
Name: Steve Baker
Phone: 734-615-8660