Henry Schein


Henry Schein has a strategic contract for all types of dental supplies, and general lab supplies.

Purchasing Guidelines

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the equipment ordering procedure. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.

Ordering Information

Order by logging into M-marketsite.

Shop M-marketsite:

Browse M-marketsite and/or create a shopping cart

Create M-marketsite order

How to use M-Marketsite?

For items not in M-marketsite, you can pay by contacting:
Janie Dodge
Phone: (702) 364-9740

Note: Veterinary supplies are not available for ordering on M-marketsite.

Henry Schein Animal Health should be placed via ePro requisition in M-Pathways using vendor ID number 0000596184.

Shipping & Handling

Free standard shipping.

Shipping charges are applied for "special shipping arrangements" or "hazardous materials". Verify costs with Henry Schein before placing orders.

Delivery within 24-48 hours

Supplier Contact

For general inquiries, including product and ordering, contact:  
Jasmine Nunez
Phone: (800) 851-0400 ext. 2228817

For billing information contact:
Janie Dodge
Phone: (702) 364-9740
Fax: (702) 982-1628 

Dental School Sales Director:
John C. Bellero
Phone: (954) 626-0097

Dental Store Operations Manager:
Derri Donahue
Phone: (856) 809-0949

Dental Stores Account Representative:
Karen Finnegan
Phone: (800) 488-6113 ext. 3049

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator: Primary
Name: David Gilbert
Phone: (734) 615-9304
E-mail: dgilb@umich.edu

Procurement Agent:
Name: Bob Johnson
Phone: (734) 764-2461
E-mail: johnsrbt@umich.edu