Small Business is a full service agency with two decades of experience creating thoughtful solutions for customers who value accessible, sustainable, best practices and human centered approaches to process, strategy, user experience, design, development, quality assurance, training and support. Our mission is to strengthen humanity by helping others discover, create, and share knowledge.

We make websites accessible by concentrating on internal and external audience oriented objectives; sustainable by using technology which is flexible, adaptable, and realistic; we follow best practices by stringently adhering to web standards; and human centered by benchmarking success against real-world needs and behaviors. We could not do any of this without a team of industry experts committed to collaboration oriented processes.


Purchasing Guidelines

As a best practice procurement recommends obtaining multiple quotes from the strategic  suppliers to ensure competitive pricing.

Access Quote to Order.

More information on the program and how to log in can be found in the job aids within the portal.

Ordering Information

Orders can be placed through Quote to Order.

PCards and non-QTO purchase orders are not accepted.

This portal is designed to help customers request quotes from multiple suppliers, select a supplier for each project, record data for later use, communicate via a message board specific to your project, and retrieve historical information on your projects. A U-M ID and a Kerberos password are needed to get started.

Supplier Contact

Account Manager:  Primary
Name: Nelson Harris
Phone: (773) 649-3180

Name: Amy Docimo
Phone: (773) 645-4100, ext. 308

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator:
Name: Robin Eckel   
Phone: (734) 763-9887

Procurement Agent:
Name: Deanna Trinkle    
Phone: (734) 647-5752