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Right Hat is a strategic branding and design agency based in Chicago. Our clients look to us to help raise their profile, build on their strengths and enhance how their brand is perceived by donors, students, prospective faculty and the community. We help each organization tell its unique story with impact and consistency. After more than 20 years working in the higher education, nonprofit and professional services space, we are experts in conveying complex information in a way that resonates with diverse audiences.


Our proven approach to design aligns your brand and collateral with your overall strategy. For every project, we drill down to understand how your communications support university enrollment, fundraising goals, recruitment and student/alumni engagement. Only then will we tackle design by bringing new thinking, fresh writing and exceptional designers to the table. The result is sharp, differentiated communications that stand out in the crowded higher education market.


Whether you call on us for market research, content development, print or digital design, we tailor our work to your specific needs and your internal resources. We are as committed to sustaining brands as we are to establishing them, partnering with you at every point in the brand life cycle.


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Additional Information

Right Hat was founded with the goal of creating a culture that would work for people with a range of work-life situations and different perspectives/backgrounds. The founders had worked in companies where explicit bias was rampant and inclusion was not a core value. They were determined to create an inclusive environment where everyone could feel at home. We firmly believe that we are made stronger by having personnel of differing races, ethnicities, religions, ages, genders, sexual orientations or gender identities. The principals of the firm are all women and 50% of our Right Hat team, including two of our partners, are diverse. Employees range in age from 26 to 63 and come from and live in geographically diverse locations and have differing cultures.

Right Hat is also committed to giving back—inside and outside the office. Each year we donate our services to help deserving organizations with their marketing and branding needs. Our people serve on nonprofit boards, volunteer in their communities and contribute to a host of important causes.

Supplier Contact

Jeorjina Tegel, Partner/Director of Client Services



Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:

            Name: Robin Eckel   

            Phone: (734) 763-9887

            E-mail: robincc@umich.edu


Procurement Agent:

            Name: Deanna Trinkle    

            Phone: (734) 647-5752               

            E-mail: webgraphicsuppliers@umich.edu