Underground Printing


This is a strategic contract for branded U-M apparel such as customized sweatshirts and t-shirts. This supplier is an official supplier of branded apparel of U-M logos for the university. This supplier is a U-M licensee with an understanding of proper usage for logos, branding & taglines.

Purchasing Guidelines

Products can be ordered via the M-marketsite catalogs; however, large volume orders may be discounted further by the supplier.  Contact the supplier or Procurement for assistance. 

Ordering Information

To place an order, call customer service with a shortcode at (844) 716-4697 or email at umich@undergroundshirts.com.

When ordering custom logo items, Underground Printing will not charge for the following services: Set up, decoration or run.

For product ideas or to request a quote, please visit the Underground Printing website. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact Underground Printing at any location for assistance.

PCards, ePro Reqs and invoices are not accepted.

Additional Information

Volume discounts for orders exceeding catalog volumes.

Rush service available on most items.

Unlimited on-site complementary training

Shipping & Handling

There will be no shipping charges for any items ordered through supplier.

Supplier Contact

For local store customer service, contact:
Main Street (Downtown)
Megan Kearney
Phone:(734) 274-6124
Email: mkearney@undergroundshirts.com

Main Street (Woodland Plaza, next to Busch's)
Danny Szopo
Phone: (734) 274-5493
Email: dszopo@undergroundshirts.com

South University
Evan Mitchell
Phone: (734) 929-6648
Email: emitchell@undergroundshirts.com

Corporate Office
Rishi Narayan / Seth Greene
Phone: 1-(734) 665-2692
Email: rishi@undergroundshirts.com / seth@undergroundshirts.com

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
Name: Ian Pepper
Phone: (734) 647-4981
E-mail: ipepper@umich.edu

Contract Administrator - Secondary:
Name: Jeff Rabbitt
Phone: (734) 764-9232
E-mail: rabbitt@umich.edu

Procurement Agent - Primary:
Name: Rebecca Smiedendorf
Phone: (734) 615-2721
Email: rlsmied@umich.edu

Procurement Agent - Secondary:
Name: Denise Weisgerber
Phone: (734) 615-8660
E-mail: dweisge@umich.edu