Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

Small Business
Sustainable Purchasing

This is a strategic contract with an Ann Arbor small business for restaurant and Catering services for University hosting events.  Which Wich is located at 301 E. Liberty St. and offers custom-crafted sandwiches, wraps, salads, shakes and sweets for your next department event!  See the Which Wich Menu or Catering Menu.   

Ordering Information

Call Which Wich  at (734) 929-2113. Identify yourself as a university employee using a shortcode to make a purchase.   Email Manisha at Which Wich : Mspatel1993@gmail.com

Please supply the following information with your order:
•    Shortcode to be charged
•    Department name
•    Specific delivery location with address, University email and phone number

Note: It is the unit's responsibility to review all supporting documents for hosted events, including a list of attendees, to ensure compliance with university hosting policy and per person meal limits. See the hosting policy.

Order via Shortcode

P-cards not accepted

Additional Information

Which Wich is an eSettlements supplier.  Invoices will appear on your SOA as a non-PO voucher for ‘AM Food Services Inc.’

Shipping & Handling

Any service or delivery fees are detailed when the order is confirmed.

Supplier Contact

Manisha Patel, Owner 
Cell: 248-924-0233

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator - Primary:
    Name: Jeff Rabbitt    
    Phone: 734-764-9232
    E-mail: rabbitt@umich.edu

Contract Administrator - Secondary:
    Name:  Ian Pepper     
    Phone:    734-647-4981         
    E-mail:    ipepper@umich.edu         

Procurement Agent:
    Name: Gabriel Benitez    
    Phone: 734-615-5961
    E-mail:    gbenitez@umich.edu