Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is a collaborative approach designed to consolidate and leverage the university’s spend to reduce costs while maintaining or improving quality of the goods and services the university buys.

Initiatives include spend analytics, input from staff through focus groups, streamlined ordering, and invoicing processes with the goal of bringing a best value product or service contract to the university community. The process is proven to:

  • streamline the procurement process
  • reduce procurement costs
  • result in improved pricing and service
  • provide for auditing of contract pricing
  • hold suppliers accountable for performance
  • allow for positive relationships between customers and suppliers
  • mitigate risk to the university

Strategic initiatives result in awards to local, national, and international suppliers that offer the products and services needed by the university community. See Strategic Contracts for more information or Find Products and Services for a list of suppliers currently under contract with the university.

The goal of Procurement Services is to identify procurement-related cost savings so they may be invested in teaching, research, and patient care, as part of the university’s cost containment effort to save at least $120 million through FY 2017.