PCard Guidelines

The PCard is to be used only for university business, and all items purchased with it are the university’s property.

Using the PCard for personal purchases can result in cancellation of the PCard and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

The PCard is only to be used by the person it is issued to (the cardholder). Allowing other faculty and staff to use a PCard can result in its cancellation.

Note: While some units use the card to cover expenses for faculty and staff other than the cardholder, the practice is not supported by PCard policy. The cardholder is responsible for the accounting of all charges made to his/her PCard. This means that items coded as a personal expense and submitted within Concur will serve as written consent to deduct from the cardholder's pay. The cardholder is responsible for collecting reimbursement directly from the faculty/staff member who incurred the expense. Units are discouraged from using the PCard in this manner.

All PCard holders must agree to the PCard program terms and conditions as written in the PCard cardholder agreement. This agreement is part of the online application process.

Allowable PCard Purchases 

Your PCard is intended for travel or hosting expenses. It is not intended for use as a regular procurement method. PCards should not be used:

  • to purchase goods and services that are available through a Strategic Contract or an internal service unit.
  • to pay for expenses that will be reimbursed by an external party.
  • to purchase services, unless the purchase is pre-approved by a Procurement Services agent.
  • to purchase supplies, unless it is a one-time, low-dollar purchase and the supplier will not accept a purchase order.
  • to purchase items listed on Restricted Purchases and Special Approvals

All policies and procedures must be strictly followed. Failure to comply with these policies may result in suspension of the PCard and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Card surrender

Your PCard remains the property of the issuing financial institution. You are required to surrender the PCard to your unit administrator upon request: if not returned, the card will be considered stolen and appropriate action will be taken by the university. Use of the PCard or card account after notice of its cancellation may be fraudulent and may cause the PCard issuing financial institution or the university to take legal action.

Leave of absence 

If you are going to be on leave from the U-M, you should notify the PCard group (using the Request a Change to My PCard form), and let them know your anticipated dates of absence. Your account can be put on hold during the time you will be on leave.

Transfer to another university unit 

If you are transferring to another unit within the university, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a Request a Change to My PCard form to close your current PCard account.

  2. Change your address with the Office of HR Records and Information Services (HRRIS). If your new unit approves you for a PCard, you must submit a new application form. If it has been more than a year since you took the PCard training course, you will be required to complete it again.

Tax-exempt status 

Before making a PCard purchase, ask the vendor if sales tax can be excluded from the cost of the transaction. The university tax ID number is embossed on the PCard, and most suppliers will accept this as evidence of the university’s non-taxable status.

International travel 

If you are traveling internationally, consult the International Travel Information and Registry website for important information.

Temporary ATM availability is offered to individuals traveling internationally where MasterCard is not widely accepted.

Notify JPMorgan Chase of your travel plans when traveling outside the US.