Cardholder—key responsibilities

  • PCard holders are responsible for the proper use of the card and recording of the charges in Concur.
  • Cardholders must abide by all university procurement policies and procedures when using the PCard.
  • PCards remain the property of the PCard financial institution. It may not be transferred to, assigned to, or used by anyone other than the cardholder.
  • The PCard financial institution or the university may suspend or cancel cardholder privileges at any time for any reason.

Expense approver–key responsibilities

The expense approver plays a critical role by identifying potential or actual misuse of the PCard. Units select their own PCard approver(s). Both the expense approver and the cardholder are equally responsible and accountable for transactions.

Expense approvers:

  • Should be in a position of authority and at a higher level than the cardholder.
  • Must be able to determine the business appropriateness of the transactions.
  • Review the transactions on the expense report and all supporting documentation to ensure compliance.
  • Approve the expense report in Concur, thereby attesting that they have thoroughly reviewed each transaction and have verified that all transactions are business appropriate and allowable expenses.

Keeping the card secure

The PCard should be treated with the same security as your personal credit cards.

  • Keep it with you; do not lock it in a desk or file cabinet.
  • Do not write any portion of the PCard number down or share the number with others.
  • Do not give the PCard number to a merchant to "keep on file."
  • Sending copies of your PCard to suppliers is discouraged. This practice opens a greater window of opportunity for fraudulent activity and should be avoided.

Lost or stolen cards

Call JPMorgan Chase immediately if you discover your PCard is lost or stolen. The JPMorgan Chase customer service number is (800) 270-7760. 

Fraudulent charges and disputing charges

Reporting fraudulent activity

It is very important that you review PCard charges frequently to ensure there are no fraudulent charges on the account. If unauthorized charges appear, contact JPMorgan Chase customer service at (800) 270-7760 (within the US or Canada) immediately.  Outside the US, please call (847) 488-3748. The PCard vendor will close your current account and send a replacement card to your campus address. You should also contact the PCard group and let them know by submitting a PCard Question.

Disputing charges

If you’re unable to verify the nature or amount of a charge, you should:

  • Contact JPMorgan Chase customer service at (800) 270-7760 (within the US or Canada). Outside the US please call (847) 488-3748. 
  • Mark the transaction as “fraudulent PCard transaction” in Concur. The JPMorgan Chase customer service team must be notified of any disputed charge within 60 days of the transaction date.

Changes to your PCard profile or monthly limit

Update your PCard profile

It is important to update profile information as changes occur. Use the Request a Change to My PCard form to make changes to your cardholder profile (e.g., changes to your name or business address).

Request changes to your monthly credit limit If you need to increase or decrease your monthly limit, use the Request a Change to My PCard form to request changes. Requests must include a clear business purpose for an increase, along with a detailed justification from the PCard holder. The form must be signed by the unit administrator or the expense approver. Limit increases require approval from Procurement Services. Increases will be approved for a temporary period, rather than permanent increases in credit limits.

Card renewal

Your PCard is valid through the last day of the expiration month. Your new card will be mailed directly to your university business address about one month before it expires. If you do not receive your renewal card by the third week of the month, please contact the PCard group by submitting a PCard Question.