Concur Enhancement Summer 2015 Release

August 25, 2015


Business Purpose Categories

End users are now able to easily select a business purpose category from a number of options available on a drop-down menu. Each category includes details on other information that is required to meet the university’s requirements. If, for example, the “Conference” business category is selected, end users will be advised to include the conference’s title and dates in the details field. The business purpose categories were developed based on U-M’s focus on teaching, research, and patient care as well as feedback from a focus group comprised of Concur users from throughout the university. Please read Business Purpose for Expense Reporting for details.

Delegates Can Track Expense Lines

This new drop-down feature, which is optional, allows expense delegates to note which expense lines are ready for review (field requirements, receipt attached, etc.).  With this enhancement, delegates can track expenses that need more details as they “build” expense reports throughout the month. In addition, a new U-M Detailed Report now includes a delegate-reviewed field.

Cash Advance Documentation and Recall

Requesters can attach documentation such as a list of expected expenses to their cash advance requests. This enhancement allows approvers and administrators to expedite reviews of cash advance requests. Requesters can now also recall cash advance requests, similar to how expense reports can be recalled.