Concur Enhancements Fact Sheet


Procurement Services has collaborated with a variety of Concur users across the university over the past several months to gather feedback on the tool. The input they provided was invaluable in our ongoing effort to improve the user experience by making Concur easier and faster to use. The following enhancements will be available to Concur users on September 22, 2014:


Addition of Second  Default Approver (optional)

Currently, any employees submitting expense reports should have a Default Manager assigned in their profile.  In addition to one level of approval, many units require two or more approvals.  With this new functionality, end users will have the option to store two default approvers in the Concur profile. For each new expense report, the two levels of approval will automatically appear in the Approval Flow.

NOTE:  If two approvers are assigned in the profile, expense reports created will always require two levels of approval. 

Field Updates by Approvers

Currently, an approver must return the report to the employee for an adjustment when an error is discovered.  In an effort to increase efficiencies and speed up processing, approvers will be able to make many changes to the expense report; such as update allocations, transactions dates, department reference, foreign/domestic, and ICRX fields.  Procurement Services is working with Concur to allow updates to the expense types and plan to include in a future enhancement release.  Read a complete description of the allowable changes.   

Added Account Numbers to Expense Type

The six digit account number associated with each Concur expense type has been added to the expense type name.  This was added to assist the user when selecting an expense type. Travel expense types have two account numbers listed because travel is required to be designated as domestic or foreign, each with an individual account number.
Field Copy Changes

When the business purpose is entered on the Report Header, the same business purpose copies down to all of the expense lines in that report.  Traditionally, it was a requirement to complete this field. It is now optional.  If employees (or delegates) do not want the same business purpose to copy down, they can leave this field blank. Business purpose will still be a required field at the expense line level.

Saving Allocations as Favorites

Allocations can now be saved as favorites.  End users can create new allocations right in the expense report as the allocations are entered.  Once an expense line is allocated, users have the option to save this for future use.  These favorites can be split by percent and named based on project, program, unit, etc.  When the allocation has been saved as a favorite, future expenses can be split by the allocation by selecting the favorite from a drop down list. The MyLinc job aid will be updated upon release of this enhancement.    

Attendee Look Up for Employees

The search functionality allows end users to use a drop-down menu to search by employee last name and add them to the list of attendees at a business event.  The list of employees is imported from HR.  The MyLinc job aid will be updated upon release of this enhancement.   

Google Mileage Calculator

Google Mileage Calculator is a new option available to assist with mileage calculation.  Simply enter the starting address and destination to calculate mileage.  The Google Mileage Calculator allows users to change the map if their route differs from the route returned by the search (in case of construction or other detour).   Learn more about the Google Mileage Calculator.

This is in addition to the mileage functionality already available in Concur so users now have two options.