Directions for completing a Declaration of Surplus Form

Enter the date you are completing the form into the box in the upper righthand corner.

1. Fill out the Contact Information section completely so we know who to call if we have any questions.

  • Department Name
  • Department ID #
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Phone
  • Uniqname

2. Provide your departmental shortcode.

  • This is where sales proceeds will be credited to and is also used for filing purposes.

3. Complete the Sponsor-Funded Surplus section by X'ing the appropriate response - one line MUST be X'ed.

  • One or more capital assets were PURCHASED WITH SPONSORED FUNDS and I have attached a clearance memo from Property Control


  • NO capital assets on this form were purchased with sponsored funds

Note: If you are not sure, contact the Property Control department (

4. Complete the Surplus Authorization section by printing and signing.

  • A unit director or key administrator must print and sign to officially declare the items listed on the form as surplus property.

5. Complete the Media Sanitization Certification section by printing and signing. (if applicable)

  • If computers/electronic storage media are included, the person sanitizing the media must print and sign on the second set of lines. Without a second signature, Property Disposition will assume the media was not sanitized and will charge the department the cost of sanitization. (Charged to the shortcode listed on the form.)                                                                                                                                                  

List all surplus items with as much detailed information as possible.

  • Make/Model/Specific Description:  Enter a complete description of the item
  • Qty: List the quantity
  • Category Description:  Select category from drop-down list:
    • Appliance
    • Building Material
    • Clinical Equipment
    • Clothing Shoes Jewelry & Watch
    • Electronics Computers & Office
    • Furniture Home Garden & Décor
    • Lab & Scientific
    • Machinery Equipment
    • Media
    • Sporting Goods
    • Vehicles & Parts
  • UM Tag #:  Enter the UM Tag #, Sponsored Tag # or UMHS Tag # - All sponsored capital asset tags must be cleared through Property Control first ( and a Clearance Memo must accompany your DOS form.
    • Check your U-M Asset Management Equipment Inventory for tag numbers
    • If you need a copy of your Equipment Inventory, email Property Control at
  • Serial #:  Enter the serial number
  • Condition:  Select item's condition from the drop-down list:
    • Excellent
    • Fair
    • Damaged-Not Working
  • Age:  Enter the age of the item
  • Original Cost:  Enter what you originally paid for the item
  • Estimated Value:  Enter an estimated current value of the item (optional)
  • HD/Storage: For hard drives/storage media select one of the options from the drop down list:
    • Has been sanitized
    • Please sanitize (current fee applied to shortcode)
    • Please destroy (current fee applied to shortcode)


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