MConnect Program

At the University of Michigan, socially responsible procurement—which includes promoting diversity, safety, and sustainability while being cognizant of fiscal responsibilities—is highly valued. The MConnect program was developed to assist those wanting to procure goods or services from diverse suppliers as well as to promote suppliers who employ environmentally sustainable methodologies in their business operations.

Program Objectives

  • Promote a commitment throughout the university to maintain competitive procurement processes that include all segments of the business community and incorporate socially responsible and sustainable procurement practices.
  • Diversify the university’s supplier portfolio to secure better prices and higher-quality products and services through increased competition.
  • Develop and maintain a supplier population that reflects the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of the university community we serve.
  • Give every reasonable business opportunity to minority-owned, women-owned, small disadvantaged, HUB Zone, and veteran (and service-disabled veteran)-owned businesses.
  • Reflect our commitment to be an economic partner to the communities in which we conduct business.
  • Encourage the development of environmentally friendly practices in our supplier community, and promote suppliers whose businesses provide environmentally sustainable products or services.
  • Provide U-M staff involved in the acquisition of materials and services with the tools and training they need to locate and use suppliers who meet their spending requirements while supporting diversity, socially responsible procurement, and sustainability.


The MConnect team’s responsibilities include educating procurement staff on resources available for finding diverse businesses and providing the University of Michigan community with easily accessible supplier information.

For questions about the MConnect Program, please email

Potential suppliers with products and services suitable to the University of Michigan's requirements are encouraged to visit the New Suppliers page.