Equipment Survey

University equipment is inventoried on a biannual basis. U-M departments (not including the U-M Health System) are responsible for reporting any changes, including retirement or relocation of equipment, and contact or custodial changes.

Departments must follow U-M’s equipment inventory procedure. This procedural document will help you perform a departmental inventory. Information includes how an inventory is conducted, fields used in the actual inventories, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Data warehouse: Asset management

U-M units have access to the Asset Management Data Warehouse for their reporting needs. Creating ad hoc queries and using the canned queries in business objects are currently the primary ways to gather asset management data.

Procedures Manual

The U-M Bi-Annual Equipment Inventory Policies and Procedures Manual includes detailed information about the university’s property control program.

This survey tracks U-M owned assets with an original acquisition cost of $5,000 or more. Departments should report any new equipment not yet on their inventory, any equipment no longer in their possession, or changes to the location of equipment/custodian within their department.

Financial Operation’s policy states that equipment will only be retired when it has been sold, transferred to another institution, destroyed or scrapped. As part of the bi-annual inventory process, Property Control requires documentation to support any addition or deletion of equipment.


Off-campus use of U-M property

Employees with regular appointments and students with class requirements can use university equipment at off-campus locations whenever it will benefit U-M’s teaching, research, administration, and patient care.

To move equipment off-campus

User Procedures:

Department head procedures:

Complete the authorization section of the Request for Removal and Use of University Equipment Form.

  • Give a copy of the form to the user.

If the equipment is to be removed for more than five working days:

  • Send the original of the Request for Removal and Use of University Equipment Form to Property Control if for equipment valued $5,000 or above and/or federally funded.
  • When equipment is returned, complete the return section of the form and send a copy to Property Control.

If the equipment is to be used for five working days or less:

Damaged or Lost Equipment:

  • Damaged - department heads must notify Property Control when equipment — valued at $5,000 and greater, and federally funded — is removed and returned or if the equipment is damaged.
  • Lost or Stolen Equipment - department heads must notify the Division of Public Safety and Security when equipment is lost or stolen per the Standard Practice Guide (SPG) 510.01. Public Safety and Security Services.