Large equipment (e.g., drill presses, electron microscopes, and specialized medical equipment) will be sold by sealed bid. After five to 10 business days, on a predetermined day and time, the bids will be opened by Property Disposition. All bids are final, and items will be awarded to the highest bidder.

If bids do not represent a fair value, Property Disposition reserves the right to refuse any or all bids. All bid purchases must be paid for by the terms on the bid form and must be removed from the University of Michigan premises within the time period stated on the bid form. Bid results will not be released until items are paid for and picked up.

Vehicle auctions are held two to three times a year at the Washtenaw Farm Council Fair Grounds. Details are posted on the Public Shopping page prior to auction dates.

If you'd like to be added to the bid notification email list, please send an email to (specify machinery, medical and/or computer bids)

Machinery / Equipment Bids

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Medical Bids

  • There are currently no active medical equipment bids, please check back soon

Medical bid results:

Computer Bids

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