Frequently Asked Questions

Can the university donate any assets?

The university is required to sell all disposable assets. Items that remain U-M property can be transferred between departments.

Will Property Disposition take my personal property?

No. Property Disposition is only able to accept surplus property from University of Michigan departments.

Does Property Disposition pick up surplus property?

Yes. After you submit your Declaration of Surplus form we will contact you with a delivery date, submit a work order on your behalf, and send the movers out to pick up your surplus items.
See "Sending Surplus" instructions.

What is the process if I want to purchase surplus property for personal use from my department?

You’ll need to fill out a Declaration of Surplus form and email it to Property Disposition. The form must be signed by someone other than the purchaser. Property Disposition will price the item(s) and email you back with the estimated value(s).  We will send a PayPal link for the appraised amount plus six percent (6%) state of Michigan sales tax.  You’ll then get a receipt you can show to your department supervisor before taking the item(s) home.

Can a U-M PCard be used for purchases?

No. Only a shortcode can be used for departmental purchases.