Why do we need to do a space survey?

Space data is used in U-M’s indirect cost recovery (ICR) proposal. In FY 2017, $274 million was returned to U-M, based on our negotiated ICR rate.

It is also important to have accurate space data available for your departmental space planning needs.

What is the address for each building?

We have a Listing of Active Buildings and Structures Report that lists all U-M buildings (by their 7-digit building record number). This list includes their building name and their addresses.

Who is responsible for the space survey for my department?

Check with your facilities or departmental administrator.

How does an individual obtain access to the Space Management system in MPathways?

The process for an individual obtaining access to the Space Management module in MPathways is as follows:

  1. Your Unit Liaison must process an OARS request (Online Access Request System) through ITS, requesting SM SURVEY USER access to your department ID(s).

  2. You must complete the 2-part online eLearning course SME101A & SME101B in My LINC. You will need to answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly in order to successfully complete the course. You may take this course more than one time if you need to (and many people do so).

Once your access is complete – and IF you need to be assigned the role of ‘Controller’ for your department ID(s) – send an email to space@umich.edu, and request that we update the 'Space Department' page(s) in MPathways for your space department ID(s), and assign the role of 'Controller' to you. If you are NOT to be the designated ‘Controller’ for your department(s), but you will be fulfilling one or both of the other roles (‘Submitter’ or ‘Authorizer’, or 'Survey Contact'), contact your department’s Controller to request this update on your ‘Space Department' page(s).  Please include your uniquname with your request. 

Once all these steps are complete, in February each year, you will receive the global email from Space Analysis announcing the launch of the current fiscal year's annual year-end space survey.

How do I get space assigned to my department or removed from my space inventory?

The M-Pathways system allows only one department to be the controlling department for a room. Space that is no longer occupied by your department should be reported as a space transfer and NOT as a room termination. Contact your space survey 'Controller' or email space@umich.edu to report space transfers. Include the building name/number, room number(s), and Dept ID for the affected department(s).