Survey Data

The FY 2021 Annual Space survey began on February 1, 2021. Thank you for supporting this important university initiative!

Download your complete Space Survey Instruction packet now!  

The space survey validates the university’s space inventory. This data is used as a critical component of indirect cost recovery (ICR), for university and departmental space management and planning, and as a basis for state and federal reporting. Each department is responsible for the accuracy of its data.

For step-by-step instructions and field descriptions on how to update your data in the Space Management module, refer to the Space Survey Resources in My LINC.

To download a job-aid to navigate to Wolverine Access, log in to M-Pathways, and add the Space Management homepage to your list of Homepages in the M-Pathways Financials and Physical Resources System -- click here.

Space Survey Overview

Annual U-M Space Survey – Process for Updating Data in M-Pathways:


The departmental Space Survey must be completed using the Space Management Module within M-Pathways. Contact for details. Review the data for your department and make updates as needed. Your department is responsible for the accuracy of its data. Report all changes as they appear during the survey period, except room use function codes. These codes and their corresponding percentages must reflect activity averaged over the entire fiscal year, which ends June 30 2019.

Departments are responsible for reporting changes on the following fields for each room assigned their departments:

On the ‘Survey Data’ tab:

  • Room number

  • Room square feet

  • Room type code

  • Room sub-type code

  • Department ID

  • Station count

  • Air Conditioned checkbox

  • EHS / OSEH Room checkbox

  • Room use function code(s) and their percentage(s)

On the ‘Organized Research Activity’ tab:                                                                                    (For those departments with organized research activity taking place in their space - in room types 250-Research/Nonclass Laboratory and 310-Office)

  • Project/Grant number

  • ORA Verify Complete checkbox