How do I become a University of Michigan supplier?

The University of Michigan purchases a wide variety of supplies, equipment, and services. Suppliers who want to be able to sell products and services to the U-M and the university community should start the process by logging in to the supplier registration system. Once we receive your information, your firm will be added to the database.  Please note: being in the database does not guarantee that you will receive business or a request for quotation from the U-M. Items may only be purchased occasionally, be covered under existing contracts, or not meet the University of Michigan's requirements at the time the purchase is considered.

After you’ve been added to the database, you will meet with the Procurement Services staff. Please be prepared to discuss your company’s level of distribution, bonding capability, line cards, and references, along with any other information you feel will help the procurement agent understand your company's capabilities, products, and services.

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Can I schedule a meeting with someone to discuss my company’s goods or services?

After suppliers have registered and been added to the database, we will determine if there is a need/demand for your services. If there is, you’ll be contacted \with information about next steps. Many times, contact is not made by a procurement agent until a contract is up for competitive bid, so it could take as long as several months or years before a supplier is contacted by Procurement Services.

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Who at the university can sign official documents?

Faculty and staff are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University of Michigan. Signature authority for contracts and agreements has been delegated to the Director of Procurement Services and is further sub-delegated to the Procurement Services buying staff. The Procurement Services staff coordinates the processing of all contracts and agreements that require authorized signatures. The U-M’s Office of the Vice President & General Counsel also must review documents, so please allow adequate time for this process.

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How is a supplier paid?

Suppliers should direct invoices to Accounts Payable at the Shared Services Center. The university supports multiple supplier payment methods, including checks sent via US mail and electronic funds transfers, but email is the preferred option, and will expedite payment. 

All invoices must have a valid University of Michigan PO number for payment. Payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice. Payments for $10,000 and above are not finalized until a department representative approves the payment.

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