Create Reservation

Booking your travel in Concur is helpful for building your expense report. Trip data and e-Receipts “flow into” Concur under “Manage Expenses.” This allows you to import travel expenses into an expense report without re-entering data. Airfare can be imported into an expense as soon as it is ticketed. If a PCard was used, you need to wait for the PCard transaction to be available to match to the trip expense, but all other trip data can be imported into an expense report at the end of the trip. For assistance, please read Book a Travel Reservation in Concur.

When making travel arrangements for trips overseas or with multiple destinations, a Conlin agent can be very helpful. You can reach an agent at (855) 200-8785. This is a U-M dedicated phone number. When calling from outside the United States, use (734) 477-6022. 


Before you book your travel, make sure you have enabled e-Receipts. Once enabled, you will automatically receive electronic receipts from travel-related suppliers who provide e-Receipts. If you have not enabled e-Receipts, there will be a message under “Alerts” on the Concur homepage.

Note: To avoid incurring additional charge(s) for agent-assisted reservations, book airfare or rail first, then add hotel and/or car rental to the same reservation as needed.  Airfare and rail cannot be added to an existing reservation and results in a second reservation with an additional fee.