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Travel guidelines

Summary of guidelines for air travel, ground travel, lodging, mileage reimbursement, international travel, and non-employee travel.

Conlin Travel

The university has negotiated discounted pricing with Conlin Travel and encourages faculty and staff to take advantage of these discounts whenever possible.

Online travel resources

U-M Benefits Office – Research & Travel

Information for faculty, staff, and students to prepare for research, sabbatical, or other university-related business travel.

Global Michigan

Resources for faculty, staff, and students planning international travel. Links provide current information on conditions in countries and world regions. Travel warnings are provided to help university personnel make informed and prudent decisions when visiting volatile areas of the world.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

US General Services Administration (GSA)

Provides per diem rates specific to major cities (both domestic and foreign). The university uses per diem allowances to cover employee meals and incidentals while on university business travel status.

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Booking Tips

Back-to-Back Ticketing Announcement:

While less expensive, back-to-back ticketing is a violation of airline policy. When the airlines identify back-to-back reservations and ticketing, the traveler risks cancellation of reservations, rescinding of frequent flyer points, or possible fines. 

Back-to-back ticketing occurs when multiple round-trip reservations are used to complete a single round-trip. Each reservation appears to be one trip, however, when using a combination of outbound and return flights from both reservations the cost is less because the length of the stay appears to be longer. An example is below:

Ticket #1:   DL1848 24JUN  Detroit - LaGuardia  725A  910A  -  First flight
                   DL2131 15JUL  LaGuardia - Detroit  615P  831P  -  Fourth flight
Ticket #2:   DL2131 26JUN  LaGuardia - Detroit  615P  829P  -  Second flight
                   DL1848 14JUL Detroit - LaGuardia 725A  910A  -   Third flight
The outbound from Detroit is on the first ticket, but the return for that trip is the first flight on the second ticket. Then the second trip begins with the return flight on the second ticket and is completed by using the return flight on the first ticket.