Conlin Travel, the university’s dedicated travel agency, provides travel alerts which include news about regions in the world with heightened danger warnings, weather events leading to closed airports, ground transportation limitations in major cities and many other scenarios.  This is a great source of information made available on our website for the convenience of university travelers and travel arrangers.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): Boeing 737 Max 8 Grounded(posted 3/12/2019)

Boeing 737 Max 8 Grounded

Out of an abundance of caution and in order to reassure the public of the aircraft's safety, Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration have decided to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

Travelers booked to fly on this aircraft will automatically be shifted to an alternative plane, therefore no action is required on their end. If travelers have any concerns, please feel free to call a Conlin Travel agent. 

We will continue to keep you informed of any further developments with this news.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): Boeing 737 Max 8(posted 3/12/2019)

Our valued customers,

In light of the recent plane crash of an Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max 8 there are a lot of questions and concerns within the industry. This is the second crash in 5 months with this aircraft type but the cause of this most recent event has not yet been linked to the actual aircraft. There are many countries already grounding this aircraft pending further investigations, most recently, the UK.  The US has not grounded this plane yet but some airlines themselves have. This list keeps changing moment by moment.
The vast majority of our travelers fly Delta. Delta does not fly this aircraft.  However, American and Southwest use this aircraft and have stated they are in contact with Boeing.  United flies the Boeing 737 Max 9 but not 8.  Those that do fly it in the US have done so safely since 2017.
We understand travelers’ concerns and safety is paramount. It is important to note that airlines are not issuing any special waivers for changing a flight due to the aircraft type. If the aircraft has been grounded by an airline or a country, travelers will be put on an alternate aircraft type automatically. In the US, there is currently no re-accommodating process or fee waivers should a passenger want to change.
Unfortunately, we are not able to create reports for which aircraft travelers are flying. We have researched with many peer agencies as well as our global partner, BCD, who have confirmed this as well. Our agents can provide what is being booked at the time of booking and the information is available in Concur in the flight details. We will continue to address the reporting of such details.  
We continue to monitor the situation and will send out updates as necessary. If you need further information, please reach out to your account manager.


CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): India and Pakistan Travel Advisory (posted 3/1/2019)

Reconsider Travel to Pakistan and India

Travelers should exercise a high degree of caution in India and Pakistan due to a continuing threat of terrorist attacks throughout both countries. The security situation is unpredictable with the treat of violence and kidnapping; travelers are advised to avoid travel to Islamabad, areas bordering Pakistan, Northeastern India as well as Bangladesh, Jammu and Kashmir.

The U.S. Department of State has officially increased the travel advisory level for Pakistan to Level 3 - Reconsider Travel.

Major airlines are cancelling and rerouting flights to Pakistan and India. Anyone traveling to this area should check their flight status frequently, and avoid all non-essential travel to the area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call a Conlin Travel agent to assist you. Your safety is very important to us.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): FAA Halts Flights into LaGuardia Airport (posted 1/25/2019)

FAA halts flights into LaGuardia Airport amid shortage of air traffic controllers

The Federal Aviation Administration has halted flights into New York's LaGuardia Airport and delayed several other major airports including Newark Liberty International Airport.

The FAA released the following statement on Friday: 

"We have experienced a slight increase in sick leave at two air traffic control facilities affecting New York and Florida. As with severe storms, we will adjust operations to a safe rate to match available controller resources. We've mitigated the impact by augmenting staffing, rerouting traffic, and increasing spacing between aircraft as needed." 

"The results have been minimal impacts to efficiency while maintaining consistent levels of safety in the national airspace system. The public can monitor air traffic atfly.faa.govand they should check with airline carriers for more information."

Travelers should monitor their flight status closely and be sure to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to their departure time. Conlin Travel will continue to monitor the travel impacts taking place due to the government shutdown. As always, please call a Conlin Travel agent if you need assistance.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (GREEN): Detroit Metro Airport is Now Open (Posted 1/23/2019)

Detroit Metro Airport is Now Open

Travelers are still encouraged to contact their airline before heading to the airport. As maintenance crews continue to reopen the entire airfield, you can monitor the DTW travel alerts here:

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (RED): Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) Weather Closure (Posted 1/23/2019)

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) Weather Closure

Due to winter conditions, Detroit Metropolitan Airport closed Tuesday evening. The closure continues into Wednesday morning. An airport spokesperson issued the following statement: "At approximately 8 p.m., all taxiways and runways at Detroit Metropolitan Airport closed due to the icy conditions. For several hours prior, maintenance crews actively treated the airfield. However, the constant rate of precipitation has diluted the deicing fluid, causing it to be ineffective. Crews are on the airfield working to prepare the surfaces to reopen. Based on the weather forecast, DTW is expected to remain closed overnight. Customers are encouraged to contact their airline before heading to the airport."

Travelers: To make changes to your travel plans or confirm your flight is eligible for a travel exception waiver, please contact a Conlin Travel agent. 

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (GREEN): Travel Impacts Continue to Increase Due to Government Shutdown (Posted 1/14/2019)

Travel Impacts Continue to Increase Due to Government Shutdown

There have been many reports of TSA being heavily affected by the current government shutdown. TSA has admitted that sick calls have increased and travelers are reporting longer lines. Airlines and TSA all state that safety is always their priority and the shutdown will not affect continuing their standards. 

If the government shutdown continues, there may be changes that provide more time between flights on the runways to allow air traffic controllers to adjust to staffing. Additionally, airlines have contingency plans for pilots needing licensing and new pilots not being able to start. Safety inspectors are prioritizing resources.


Thinking ahead before you leave for the airport can be the difference between making your flight and missing it. TSA recommends travelers arrive two hours before a domestic flight and three hours prior to an international trip.  During this uncertain time with the shutdown, Conlin Travel recommends giving yourself even more time.

Know the Guidelines

TSA says that unprepared passengers can have a significant impact on wait times at security checkpoints.  Passengers should make sure to check that their liquids, aerosols and gels are packed in compliance with the 3-1-1 liquids rule, meaning they’re packed in travel-size containers of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters each. Each passenger is limited to a one-quart bag of liquids, gels and aerosols total for carry-on bags.

These additional delays can cause additional stress to traveling. If you need any assistance, please be sure to call Conlin Travel. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (GREEN):  Government Shutdown Impacting Travel (Posted 1/10/2019)

Government Shutdown Impacting Travel

The government shutdown is impacting travel due to staffing shortages throughout the industry. Conlin Travel recommends monitoring your flight times beginning 24 hours before departure and also allowing extra time for security lines and airport check-in. We strongly recommend checking in online and either having your boarding pass sent to your phone or printed before heading to the airport. Be patient and travel safely.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (GREEN): Detroit Metro Airport McNamara Terminal Trams (Posted 1/4/2019)

Detroit Metro Airport McNamara Terminal Trams

Beginning January 8th, 2019 the McNamara Terminal trams will be out of service until early April 2019. We advise travelers to allow additional time to reach their designated gate during this time.

For further information and travel alerts, please visit:

(posted 12/24/2018)

Tsunami in Indonesia

An unexpected tsunami has struck Indonesia over the weekend. The devastation is vast and our hearts are with all of those effected by the event. 

We are monitoring the situation and will update you should there be further developments.

Travelers: If you have any concerns with your travel plans, please reach out to a Conlin Travel agent.

More information from The Associated Press.

(posted 12/12/2018)

Civil Unrest in France

Please be advised of the nationwide protests and riots in France. Travelers should exercise increased caution and be aware of their surroundings.

For those traveling to the area, please monitor local news stations for updates. The following English-translated websites cover local French news:

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (GREEN): Conlin Travel Holiday Hours (Posted 11/15/2018)

Our offices will be closed on the following
dates/times in observation of the Holidays. Our after-hours
service will remain open and available to assist you.


Thursday, November 22nd Closed
Friday, November 23rd Closed
Monday, December 24th Closing at 12:30pm ET
Tuesday, December 25th Closed
Monday, December 31st Closing at 12:30pm ET
Tuesday, January 1st Closed


CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (RED): Deadly Storms Florence and Mangkhut (Posted 9/12/2018)


As Hurricane Florence nears landfall, please note that the track of the storm is said to have shifted South in the last 24 hours to include South Caroline, Georgia and parts of Florida. Airlines have now started to cancel additional flights and issue weather waivers. At this time, waivers include coastal locations, but all airlines continue to monitor the path and adjust accordingly.



An even stronger super typhoon is barreling down on southeast Asia, with Hong Kong and Macau square in its path. The storm is expected to make landfall Monday. However, the path is still changing.


Travelers should check the airline websites for upcoming travel to confirm for any delays and cancellations.


Please stay safe and contact Conlin Travel is you require assistance.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): TSA Expansion of Powder Substance Requirements
(posted 6/29/2018)

TSA Expansion of Powder Substance Requirements

Effective June 30, 2018, new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements take effect for International flights to the United States where customers are encouraged to place powder-like substances over 12 oz. / 350 mL in their checked bags. This size is approximately the size of a standard U.S. can of soda. Powders in carry-on bags may require secondary screening, and if the powder cannot be cleared by security officials, it will be prohibited from the cabin of the aircraft.

For customers departing the United States and/or United States territories, TSA has already implemented these limits at security checkpoints. Certain powders are exempt such as baby formula and human remains.

As always, we recommend checking the TSA website at for "What Can I Bring" listings.

Thank you.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): Lufthansa Company Wide Strike
(posted 4/9/2018)

Lufthansa have announced today that they will be cancelling more than 800 flights, including 58 long-haul connections on Tuesday, April 10th, due to a company wide strike.

Traveler Advice: Expect travel disruptions throughout the day. Travellers should seek alternative flight or travel arrangements and monitor airline information to avoid further delays.


Conlin Travel has identified the affected travelers and are working to assist in re-accomodating.



(posted 4/2/2018)

Temporary Phone Outage

We are currently experiencing a temporary phone outage. We are working with both our phone circuit provider and the phone system support staff to get things working again as quickly as possible.

We will send an update as soon as this issue has been resolved.

Traveler Advice: For time sensitive bookings, please contact a Conlin Travel consultant by email at

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): Travel Waivers-U.S. East Coast 
(posted 3/21/2018)

Nor'easter Causes Travel Delays

Multiple carriers are issuing travel exception waivers as a nor'easter brings wintry weather to the East CoastHigh winds are expected to last into Thursday.

Traveler Advice: To confirm if your flight is eligible for a waiver, please contact Conlin Travel. Please notice that each policy may differ in geographic coverage and travel dates.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): Concur Outage (posted 3/19/2018)

Concur Outage

Concur is currently experiencing intermittent issues prohibiting the submission of certain air/car/hotel bookings. Concur is actively working to resolve this issue.

Please visit for up to date information regarding the outage.

We will send an update as soon as this issue has been resolved.

Traveler Advice: For time sensitive bookings, please contact a Conlin Travel agent by phone or email.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): Travel Waivers-Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. (posted 3/2/2018)

Nor'easter Airport Delays 

Multiple carriers have begun issuing travel exception waivers as powerful nor'easter brings, rain, snow and severe wind to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. regions.  High winds are expected to last into Saturday (3/3).

Traveler Advice: To confirm if your flight is eligible for a waiver, please contact Conlin Travel.  Please notice that each policy may differ in geographic coverage and travel dates.

CONLIN TRAVEL NEWS FLASH (YELLOW): AirFrance Industrial Action (posted 2/21/2018)

Air France Industrial Action 

Several Air France staff unions have called for a strike on February 22. The scheduled strike will affect a large portion of Delta's long-haul flights out of Paris. Delta Air Lines is offering travel options for customers who may be impacted by the Air France Staff Industrial Action. 

Traveler Advice: To confirm if your flight is eligible for a waiver, please contact Conlin Travel.