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Sustainable Purchasing USA-Based
This is a strategic contract for maintenance, repair and operation supplies. Grainger also provides recyclable, green products and energy star products and environmentally friendly products.


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How to use M-Marketsite

Orders can also by placed using a shortcode by calling in at (734) 662-1765, faxing in at (734) 662-4095, or in-person at the local branch.

All campus customers requiring work order information on their billing files (e.g., Plant Operations, Hospital) must provide supplier with a Materials Order Form. See the Plant Operations Procurement Policy for more information and to obtain a Materials Order Form.

Please provide the following information when placing orders:

  • Shortcode
  • Customer requisition number
  • Contact information including name, uniqname, and delivery address

PCards are not accepted.

Purchasing Options: M-Marketsite, ShortCode,