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VWR International, LLC

Sustainable Purchasing USA-Based
This is a secondary strategic contract for general lab and research supplies. This supplier should be used in the event that an item is not available with U-M’s primary supplier, Fisher Scientific. This supplier participates in many green initiatives including: Green Products and Services, Corrugated Packaging, and Twirl’em Eco Bag


Orders can be placed by logging into M-Marketsite.

Users can also use shortcode by calling (800) 932-5000 or emailing

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Fisher Scientific

Sustainable Purchasing USA-Based
This is a primary strategic contract for laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies, and services for research, safety, health care, and science education. As Fisher Scientific has many green initiatives, please see the Sustainable Purchasing section to learn more and how to purchase green products, including programs directed to waste diversion.


To place an order, log in to M-Marketsite.


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Some Fisher Scientific products are available for purchase through the Biomedical Research Stores.

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