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Green Cabs Ann Arbor

Michigan-Based Small Business USA-Based
This is a strategic contract for local taxi service, including the Detroit metro area and airport. Visit Green Cabs Ann Arbor for company information. Please be sure to call Green Cabs Ann Arbor to confirm University of Michigan discounted pricing for orders.


When using this contract for business purposes payment will be accepted via the University of MichiganPCard. When using the contract for personal use payment will be accepted via personal credit card.

Order via Concur (preferred method) or call Green Cabs Ann Arbor 24-hours a day / 7-days a week at734-662-4444 or online.

See University Pricing Summary.

Please supply the following information with your order:

  • Correct credit card to be billed (Please do not submit PCard information via fax or email).
  • Department name
  • Specific pick-up / drop off information with university contact & phone.

Purchasing Options: PCard,