D.A.I. Scientific Equipment

D.A.I. Scientific Equipment has a small business contract via a Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium (MLSPC) contract for “pricing only” scientific equipment.

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the equipment ordering procedure. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.

Orders can be placed via ePro requisition.

When ordering, reference MLSPC contract #SS040609-B.

PCards are not accepted.

Shipping charges may vary depending on manufacturer.

Supplier Details:

Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

When requesting a quote or for MLSPC pricing, contact:
Brian Langenderfer, Sales Representative
Phone: (800) 816-8388 Ext. 15
Email: brian.langenderfer@daiscientific.com

Procurement Contacts:

Research Team procurement.research@umich.edu