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Kentwood Office Furniture

Categories: Facilities, Furniture

Social Impact Categories: Michigan-Based, Sustainable Purchasing, USA-Based

Contract Type: University Contract

Kenwtood Office Furniture is a strategic contract for used and remanufactured free-standing furniture. This commodity is also restricted so please see Purchasing Guidelines for details. Also see the Kentwood Office Furniture used furniture inventory. No minimum orders are required. To learn more about Kentwood’s sustainability initiatives and how to purchase environmentally friendly furniture, see the Sustainable Purchasing section.

Purchasing Guidelines

University furniture ordering policies:

Pre-order instruction: Several U-M units are listed which hold specific policies, procedures, and/or standards for ordering, and do not allow individuals to purchase furniture. a) Please review the unit contact list before initiating an order. b) If your unit is listed, contact the unit representative with ordering inquiries. See Policies and Procedures.

NOTE: Panel systems requiring electricity and/or are anchored to walls or floors must be procured by Interior Design. It is required that Interior Design be involved at the start of the project.


  • Purchase Order

Orders can be placed by ePro requisition:

  • Department requests pricing “quote” from Kentwood at (517) 990-0362.
  • Department initiates an ePro requisition using MPathways Contract ID#5500015048, supplier ID #0000507180, naming Lorri Doneth as the buyer.

PCards are not accepted

Shipping & Handling

Pricing includes delivery.

Supplier Contacts:

For general inquiries, or ordering questions, contact:
Steve Maddalena
Kentwood Office Furniture
2420 W Michigan Ave
Jackson, MI49202
Cell: (517) 740-5399
Phone: (517) 990-0362
Fax: (517) 990-0366
[email protected]

Procurement Contacts:

Facilities Team