Topic: Quote to Order

Who is my ePro Req Approver? 

The ePro Req Approver for your dept should be the person who places your M‐ marketsite orders or who processes all invoices for your dept. If you are unsure who the ePro Req Approver is for your dept please contact your Financial or Business Manager for assistance.

Before sending my quote to my ePro Req user do I make my selections and how will the approver know what my selections are? 

  • Yes, the end‐user makes their selection and then it gets routed over to the ePro Req approver for final approval.
  • The ePro Req approver will see all selections that requestor is recommending highlighted in yellow.

A quote was entered into the system but now I’ve decided that I want to contact the supplier directly and place the order with my Pcard. Is this allowed? 

All projects need to go through Quote to Order, contractually these suppliers are not allowed to take Pcards.

What is a “Change Order”? 

  • When the scope of your original project changes and warrants additional work by the supplier a change order can be created by the supplier through QTO and must be approved by the department before a purchase order will be created.
  • A change order can only be created after the original QTO quote has been approved and a purchase order issued.
  • If the change order will result in a credit, the supplier will just bill at the lesser amount instead of processing a change order.
  • Change Orders are not accepted for credits or negative quantities.

What if I entered an incorrect uniqname on my profile? How can I correct it? 

  • If a wrong uniqname is used for a quote, any correspondence that is related to that quote will go to the uniqname entered.
  • To change your uniqname on your profile, please forward a request to [email protected], your uniqname will then be changed on your profile for any future quotes.

Can a shortcode be changed? 

  • Yes, it can be changed but only prior to the final approval.
  • Send your request to  [email protected] and they can change the shortcode for you if the quote has not been approved.

I am unable to approve a quote and select a supplier because the “Notify Selected Supplier”button is grayed out. 

Notice the date and time in red next to the button. This means that all bids are due back by that date and time. Once the due date has passed you will be able to select and notify the supplier.

Can one supplier be used exclusively?

  • If the project is under $75,000.00 then one specific supplier can be selected, although we recommend that you obtain proposals from multiple suppliers.
  • If the project is over $75,000.00, then the project has to be quoted to at least three (3) suppliers.

What happens if I select a supplier in error?

You will need to cancel the original quote and create a new one for resubmission. The supplier will be notified that the original project has been canceled.

If a message is posted on the message board in error, can it be deleted out? 

  • Yes, it can.
  • Send a request to [email protected] asking that the message for quote #XXXXXX be voided out.