Allegra Print Mail Marketing

This is a strategic contract with a small business for offset printing. Allegra offers marketing services, graphic design and copywriting, database management, direct marketing, mailing and fulfillment, signs, posters & banners, promotional products, mobile and web marketing capabilities. Allegra is also committed to improving the environment, please see the Sustainability Purchasing Section to learn more and how to purchase green products. Visit Allegra’s site for more general information on this supplier.

As a best practice procurement recommends obtaining multiple quotes from the strategic suppliers to ensure competitive pricing.

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More information on the program and how to log in can be found in the job aids within the portal.

Orders can be placed through Quote to Order.

PCards and non-QTO purchase orders are not accepted.

This portal is designed to help customers request quotes from multiple suppliers, select a supplier for each project, record data for later use, communicate via a message board specific to your project, and retrieve historical information on your projects. A U-M ID and a Kerberos password are needed to get started

Supplier Details:

Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

For ordering and general product questions, contact:
Kelly Parkinson
Phone: (734) 944-1404 ext. 118

For Billing Questions:
Jason McLean
Phone: (734)944-1404 ext. 131

Procurement Contacts:

Print and Professional Services Team