Sustainable Purchasing


U-M Procurement Services is focused on building a pipeline of socially impactful supplier options to procure sustainable products and services.


Program Objectives

  • Serve as an advocate for U-M’s  sustainability goals
  • Encourage the development of environmentally friendly practices within our supplier and campus communities
  • Promote suppliers whose businesses provide environmentally sustainable products or services
  • Reflect our commitment to be an economic partner to the communities in which we conduct business

Sustainable Procurement

U-M recognizes the importance of sustainable—and socially responsible—procurement and its economic and environmental impact to the community. Sustainable procurement refers to the acquisition of products that:

  • Are made from recycled, environmentally preferable, or bio-based content.
  • Offer alternatives to hazardous or toxic chemicals.
  • Use energy- and/or water-efficient manufacturing processes.
  • Use alternate fuel and/or renewable energy.
  • Use eco-responsible packaging.

Sustainable procurement allows units to procure their goods and services in a way that achieves value while supporting U-M’s sustainability initiatives. For a list of sustainable products, click on the Find Products and Services button below, to search by supplier, commodity, or the Sustainable Products attribute. Click on the supplier’s webpage to read about their specific sustainability options.

solar panels at um

Buying Green in M-Marketsite

M-Marketsite is U-M’s online catalog ordering system that allows employees to securely place orders from multiple suppliers.

For more information on U-M’s sustainability initiatives and goals, please visit the Planet Blue and Office of Campus Sustainability websites.