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The university has a contract with American Airlines for business travel. Negotiated discounts are only available when booking airfare reservations through the university’s designated travel agency, CTP, using the online U-M Travel Booking Tool or via agent assistance.

See the “Additional Information” tab for the many perks available for U-M travelers, including how to upgrade to complimentary preferred seating.

Refer to SPG 507.10-1 Travel and Business Hosting Expense Policy for guidance on booking travel for U-M business.

Airfare reservations can be made through the U-M online Travel Booking Tool, Lightning, or via agent assistance.

The U-M Travel Portal and Lightning can also be reached through Wolverine Access from the “Travel Booking” tile.

CTP Agent Assistance

Phone: (877) 804-3688 or (402) 252-4404 if calling internationally


In addition to negotiated discounts on applicable fare classes, American Airlines offers the university the following perks. To access these perks, the business travel reservation must be booked with the university’s designated travel agency, CTP, online or with an agent, and the traveler’s AAdvantage membership number must be in the reservation.

Enroll in AAdvantage and add your membership number to your CTP Travel Profile today to access these great benefits on your future business flights!

Complimentary Priority Privileges

American Airlines offers U-M business travelers priority check-in and boarding. They also offer higher priority and automatic flight re-accommodation during irregular operations.

Complimentary Preferred Seating

U-M business travelers have access to preferred seating through the AA preferred seat website or AA’s mobile app. This resource allows travelers to book seats that are otherwise reserved, such as window and aisle locations. To take advantage of this benefit, travelers should visit Input your last name and PNR and select your desired seat, if available.

Name Change Program

The American Airlines Name Change Program allows CTP to transfer airline tickets from one person to another when the flight was booked through CTP, either online or with an agent. This provides units more flexibility in applying the value of unused tickets towards a new booking, allowing better use of university funds. American Airlines name changes are processed with a $100 service fee + change fee.


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