This is a secondary contract for domestic & international shipping and courier service, to be used if the services desired are not available with UPS, such as category A hazardous material. FedEx is a sustainable supplier, consistent with U-M’s values.

Where FedEx must be used because UPS cannot provide the specific requirement, the P-Card will be used as the payment method. We recommend establishing a new FedEx account. You may need assistance from Jennifer Henderson, FedEx Worldwide Account Manager, to update the billing method to P-Card or to establish a FedEx online profile.

Jennifer Henderson can be reached at or (773) 332-2608.

P-Card Holders needing to establisha new FedEx account and receive negotiated ratesmust complete all of the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit the Request for Exception form
  2. Have a valid University P-Card
  3. Complete the FedEx account request form and send it to The account will be emailed to you.
  4. Once you receive the account, create a FedEx online login ID and password at and register the account.
  5. Sign up for FedEx Billing OnlinePlus- allows the account holder to review and dispute charges before they are paid. FedEx Billing Online Plus will show as a summary billing line for each payment on your P-Card statement.

Any FedEx small package invoices that are not billed to a specific account and/or were not automatically billed to a P-Card can be paid using a P-Card by calling 800-GO-FedEx (800-463-3339). Use expense type Freight/Shipping. Alternatively, a non-PO voucher can be used to pay a one-time FedEx invoice only if the unit does not have a P-Card established.

FedEx Freight:
Freight invoices under $5,000 should be paid via P-Card. Invoices over $5,000 should be paid by entering an ePro requisition (Purchase Order), leave the supplier ID blank and choose Todd Coon (tcoon) as the buyer.

Job Aids:

Close your FedEx PCard account:

If you need to close an account that is billed to a P-Card please call (800) GO-FEDEX (800-463-3339).

Shipping Hazardous Materials:

OSEH Rules:

Supplier Details:

Contract Type:
University Contract

Supplier Contacts:

FedEx Account Representatives:

Jennifer Henderson

Worldwide Account Manager

FedEx Healthcare Solutions

Mobile Phone: (773) 332-2608

James Wilcox
Sr. Account Executive
(651) 398-8984

Brian Stemberger
International Specialist

Customer Support:

U.S. Customer Service: 800.463.3339 (800 Go FedEx)

International Customer Service: 800.247.4747

Customer Account Services (Billing) 800.622.1147

FedEx Freight Service (Palletized overnight shipments) 800.332.0807

FedEx Freight (LTL) 866.393.4585

Technical Support: FedEx Ship Manager 877.339.2774

Quick Response Team “Quick Response Team” <>