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Update an eSettlements Supplier User

Navigation: eSettlements > Supplier Portal Login >

This step-by-step procedure describes how the eSettlements Supplier Administrator updates a SUPPLIER USER. For login instruction, refer to the Logging into the eSettlements Supplier Portal job aid. 

Important Information

Your user id must have the PR EM SUPPLIER ADMINISTRATOR role in order to add or update SUPPLIER USER profiles.


  1. Click on the Set Up Security tile. 
    • Note: For login instructions, refer to Logging into the eSettlements Supplier Portal. For more information on the Supplier Portal options, refer to the Navigate the Supplier Portal job aid.
    • Note: The security screen defaults to displaying the Find an Existing Value tab. 
  2. In the Search By: User ID field, type a specific supplier user ID or leave this field blank to search for all of the user ids for your company. 
  3. Click Search.
  4. If you have searched for all users, click the desired User ID link from the Search Results table. Modify any of the information as required.
  5. In the Description box, type the user ID role. 
  6. For the Account Locked Out? Checkbox, check the box if you want to disable the user’s system access. Remove the check to allow access. 
  7. In the Operator Password (Encrypted) and Confirm Password boxes, type a new valid password and confirm the password. Important: The password format must be a minimum of 7 characters and include one numeric and one special character. The password is case-sensitive. 
  8. In the E-mail Address box, type a valid email address. 
  9. Click Delete. This removes the User Role from this User ID. 
  10. Click Save once you complete the change(s) to the user profile. 
  11. Users should be informed to review their profile information and reset passwords as appropriate via the Manage Profile tile.

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