Card Programs

ATM Request Form

Use this form to request temporary ATM access for international travel.

ATM Request form | Word

Authorization by Signature Form

Use this form to delegate approval authority for transactions pertaining to the PCard, business travel, business hosting, and other expenses. Both the delegator and the assignee must sign the form. Read more about Higher Administrative Authority.

Authorization by Signature | PDF

PCard Limit Change Form

Use this form to request changes to the monthly credit limit. A clear business purpose for an increase must be provided and signed by an authorized unit approver.

PCard Limit Change form | Word

PCard Maintenance Form

This form is used to request changes to the PCard holder profile (e.g., changes to cardholder name, address, default department id, account closure).

PCard Maintenance form | Word

SVC Request Form

SVC Excel Loader Template Form


Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Departments need to complete this form and submit it to Procurement Services when a purchase of goods/services is from a University of Michigan employee or from a supplier with which an employee has a relationship. The completion of this form does not constitute approval of this COI purchase. The form will be used to assist Procurement Services in determining whether the justification provided in this document is sufficient to submit this request to purchase for Regent approval.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure form | Word 

Disclosure Of Significant Relationships With Relevant Companies Statement Form

This form should be sent as an attachment with your Non-Competitive Purchase Award Form. The University of Michigan Health System has established standards and guidelines in accordance with the University's Standard Practice Guide Policy on Conflict of Interest (S.P.G. #201.65-1) for individuals participating in purchasing decision-making.

Disclosure Of Significant Relationships With Relevant Companies Statement form | Word

Hazardous Gas Authorization Form

In order to provide a safe U-M research environment, OSEH has instituted a program with U-M Procurement Services which requires approval for specific hazardous gas purchases.

Hazardous Gas Authorization form

PeoplePay Multiple Payment Release Form

This form is to be used when creating a payment to an individual against an M-Pathways contract. Do not use this form when one transaction will be processed with multiple payment release dates automatically scheduled. Complete this form, along with an ePro req, to initiate each individual payment throughout the course of the contract. This multiple payment release form serves as the individual's invoice for each payment against the M-Pathways Contract. This form is required even if the individual provides an invoice. If an invoice is provided, please submit it with this form to Shared Services Center PeoplePay Processing as back-up.

PeoplePay Multiple Payment Release form | PDF

Procurement Services Requisition Form (Business Continuity Situations Only)

The Procurement Services Requisition Form should only be used when the university M-Pathways system is unavailable and faculty and staff are instructed to utilize the form.  If the form is deemed necessary, it should be sent to

Procurement Services Requisition Form

Signature Authority Tables/Authority to Contract

Sole Source Justification Form

This form should be sent as an attachment with your requisition only if your purchase cannot be competitively bid.

Sole Source Justification form | Word

U-M Requisition for Tax-Free Alcohol Form

The University is maintaining a central distribution process for Tax-Free 190 proof and 200 proof Ethyl Alcohol. See the ordering process for instructions.

U-M Requisition for Tax-Free Alcohol form:  U-M requisition for tax-free alcohol form

RFx Request Form

Procurement has developed this form in an effort to streamline the data gathering portion of your RFx request. This is not a required form, however, it can be a useful tool to help gather much of the information necessary to facilitate the RFx process. 

RFxRequest Form


Property Control

Equipment Transfer Form

Removal & Use of University Equipment

Off Campus Use

Equipment Transfer In form

Equipment Transfer Out form

Property Disposition

Declaration of Surplus

Potentially Hazardous Materials Form

Travel and Expense

Authorization by Signature Form

Use this form to delegate approval authority for transactions pertaining to the PCard, business travel, business hosting, and other expenses. Both the delegator and the assignee must sign the form. Read more about Higher Administrative Authority.

Authorization by Signature | PDF

Fly America Act Exception Form

This form must be completed whenever non-U.S. flag air carrier service is used and intended to be charged to a federal project/grant. The completed form must be submitted with the expense report.

This form includes the Federal Travel Regulation sections that describe the requirement for the use of U.S. flag air carriers when charged to federal dollars, as well as the exception criteria used to determine when the use of a non-U.S. flag air carrier is acceptable.

Fly America Act Exception form | Excel

Mileage Log Form

Use this form when claiming mileage reimbursement for business use of personal vehicles. This optional form is recommended when submitting numerous trips as one reimbursement in Concur. Attach the mileage form with the Concur report.

Milage Log form | Excel

Travel and Business Hosting Expense Report Form

This form is an accounting of expenses university guests and students (i.e., non-employees).  Guests and students are not subject to the travel meal/incidentals per diem policy.

Form can be found on the Shared Services Center website.

Travel Advance Form (Cash Advance) for Guest/Student

This form is a non-interest bearing promissory note for the total amount of the travel advance. It must be filled out to request an advance. This promissory note authorizes the University Payroll Office to deduct any portion of the advance that is not properly reconciled within 45 days after return from the trip.

Note: Faculty and staff with access to the Concur Travel and Expense Management System must submit requests for cash advances (if the appointing unit allows) through Concur.

Travel Advance Form (Cash Advance) for Guest Student | Word

Imprest Cash Fund Request/Change

Use this form when requesting an Imprest Cash Fund or when making changes to an existing fund. The form provides Procurement Services with the information necessary to approve, record, and disburse an Imprest Cash Fund. This form must be signed by the custodian and the higher administrative authority.

Imprest Cash Fund Request/Change form

Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

This form is used to exempt the University from sales tax on purchases.  It is used in conjunction with the IRS determination letter (documenting the University's exempt status). The form can be completed by adding the vendor and date.  Please keep in mind that the form should be used in accordance with SPG 502.03, covering Michigan sales and use tax, as it relates to University business.

Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption form | PDF

Supplier Maintenance

Supplier Certification (Substitute W-9) Form

The Supplier Certification (Substitute W-9) form is a method of collecting tax information for the IRS and other information that the university is required to report. If needed an updated form may be required from existing suppliers, which can be found on the SSC website.

It can cost the university tax penalties or cause contract violations if we are unable to report this information in a timely fashion. University units can assist with supplier certification by requesting the supplier complete the form. Payments to the supplier will be held until the completed form has been returned to the U-M Supplier Management Team located at the Shared Services Center.

Purchase Order Requests

PO Request Form