The university purchases a wide variety of products and services, from computers and lab supplies to catering and printing services. Procurement Services is responsible for assisting departments with the procurement process in the most cost-efficient and convenient way possible while ensuring compliance with university policies. 

There are two different types of university suppliers where products and services can be purchased:

  • strategic suppliers are those businesses that have strategic contracts with the university. This indicates that a supplier has been through a rigorous competitive process to bring the best value to the university. 
  • internal service providers are university units that provide goods and services to other university units.  

The Find Products and Services page provides buying information specific to each commodity or service, by strategic contact or internal service provider, and/or by other supplier attributes including diverse, sustainable, and Michigan suppliers.

Before you make a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with Buying Methods and Process and Policies. The preferred buying method will be either through one of the strategic suppliers or from a university internal service provider. All transactions totaling $10,000 or greater must be competitively bid, and must go through Procurement Services (SPG 507.01) if one of the preferred methods is not used.


Find the products and services you need from trusted suppliers or with the help of a U-M buyer.


Save time and money by understanding buying polices and procedures.


Want to buy? Training to get you started.