PeoplePay is the transaction process used for paying for services from individuals rather than businesses, and can also be used to pay individuals for honoraria and royalties; and to pay or record prizes, gifts and awards.  PeoplePay makes it simple to ensure that the payment meets university requirements and IRS rules governing the taxation of payments to individuals.

PeoplePay transactions for payment of services to individuals are subject to all university procurement policies, including the competitive bid process, even though some transactions are processed by the university’s payroll department and some through Procurement Services.  

The PeoplePay Decision Tool guides staff in determining how to pay a person for non-appointment-related items or services. The PeoplePay tool asks simple questions to quickly determine the correct process or form to use when making these types of payments.

Form tracking tool

To better serve our customers, Procurement Services has developed a tool to track PeoplePay forms during payment processing. When a form is received in our office, we send an email to the requestor acknowledging receipt. The message includes a link to a secure website that tracks the location of the form as it moves through the payment process.  Simply log in using your uniqname and UMICH (Kerberos) password.

The form tracking tool monitors the processing status of forms, not information about the actual payment date. Please go to Shared Services Center to determine payment status.

PeoplePay suppliers

For PeoplePay payments processed through Procurement Services, the person to be paid must be set up in the M-Pathways Supplier Database as a PeoplePay supplier. For information on how to set up a supplier in M-Pathways, see Shared Service Center, Supplier Management.  

PeoplePay training

Online training and job aids for these transaction types are available on MyLINC (accessed through Wolverine Access).

PRE106—Creating a PeoplePay eProcurement Requisition in M-Pathways

PeoplePay forms

PeoplePay Multiple Payment Release form

Use the PeoplePay Multiple Payment Release Form when creating a payment to an individual against an M-Pathways contract. This form serves as the individual's invoice for each payment against the M-Pathways contract, and is required even if the individual provides an invoice.  If an invoice is provided, please submit it with this form to PeoplePay Procurement Services as backup.   

Do not use this form when one transaction will be processed with multiple payment release dates automatically scheduled. Instead, complete this form along with an ePro requisition, to initiate each individual payment throughout the course of the contract. 

Contact us

  • Questions about the PeoplePay process should be directed to Customer Support:
  • Requests to add a supplier to PeoplePay should be directed to the Supplier Maintenance Team:

PeoplePay FAQ

For more information about PeoplePay, visit Buying FAQ.