Airgas Great Lakes


Airgas Great Lakes has a strategic supplier for bulk carbon dioxide, welding and safety products and services. This is a restricted commodity. Please check Purchasing Guidelines for instructions.

Purchasing Guidelines

For the purchase of items priced $5,000 or more follow, the equipment ordering procedure. Please see Procedure for Purchasing Equipment for more information.

All purchases: Email a copy of the quote, the HAZARDOUS GAS AUTHORIZATION FORM, and the shortcode to and wait for approval prior to purchase.

Hazardous Gases Program: In order to provide a safe U-M research environment, OSEH has instituted a program with U-M Procurement Services which requires approval for specific hazardous gas purchases. Approval must be obtained to purchase the following gases in cylinders larger than a lecture bottle: carbon monoxide, chlorine, fluorine, hydrides (arsine, disilane, diborane, germane, phosphine, and silane), hydrogen, and toxic (NFPA health rating of 3 or 4). Oxygen over 25% also requires approval. Beyond this approval process, all hazardous gases must be used in compliance with NFPA 45 and NFPA 55. Under no circumstance should a researcher purchase more than a 1 year supply of any gas.

Contact OSEH for additional information.

Ordering Information

Buyers should familiarize themselves with instructions on how to order these gases and program details to purchase.

Orders can be placed over the phone at (734) 668-9859 using your shortcode.

PCards are not accepted

Shipping & Handling

Shipping charges apply to all orders.

Supplier Contact

For customer service & ordering, contact:
Amy Rentschler
(734) 668-9859
(734) 668-4006 fax

For billing questions, contact:
Sharon Griffin
(800) 900-6247

For product questions, contact:
Bill Blackerby, Sales Representative
(800) 900-6247
(734) 891-1542 cell

Procurement Contacts

Contract Administrator:
David Gilbert
Phone: (734)615-9304

Procurement Agent:
Bob Johnson
Phone: (734)764- 2461